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"SpamTitan is an Advanced Anti Spam Solution with Quality Performance and Usability"

  • ArcTitan Capterra
  • Galeb Mamelli

    Head of IT Department

    SpamTitan Anti Spam solution is very easy to set up and use. It is stable and reliable and needs minimal administration interaction. SpamTitan is a leading business grade anti-spam filter that gives you full controls over the system.

    SpamTitan perfectly cleans and protects mail systems against unwanted emails. It gives the end user options to tailor white and blacklists. As for the quality, SpamTitan has a 99.9% spam catch rate. SpamTitan really frees our IT staff times for other tasks as they don’t have to worry about frequent email threats arriving for our employees on daily basis.

    SpamTitan is highly flexible, we are using two clustered systems to filter email flowing from 2 different sources, and redirected to internal email servers. This installation is providing us 99.99% uptime, with minimal mail delivery failure. Setting up the system for outgoing email as well will boost your email servers reputation by preventing spam and malware spread.

    SpamTitan is one of the best anti spam options in the market and decreases IT overload. It perfectly cleans and protects mail systems against unwanted emails, so corporate email accounts are protected against spam and viruses. SpamTitan gives the end user options to tailor b white and blacklists, which will increase overall end user experience.

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