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"The Cloud Version of SpamTitan is Great for Managed Service Providers"

  • ArcTitan Capterra
  • Andrew B

    Vice President

    SpamTitan's support is great and the cloud platform seems to work very well at integrating with either on-site Exchange servers or Office 365. I also like the single daily email to each user giving them the opportunity to review blocked messages and take action. Many other platforms swamp users with notifications every time something is blocked. This is very simple for us to set up and users to understand.

    We are an MSP with clients of all sizes that desire managed spam protection. They need the ability to see what messages are blocked and whitelist if necessary, in a format that all of their users can understand. We appreciate the simple, clean interface that gives us the ability to quickly set up new clients, as well as quickly find and take action on messages that the client needs to find right away.

    The support has been great, as we are constantly swamped with duties and responsibilities of our own and do not have time to spend hours learning how to use a new platform or troubleshoot an issue.

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