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Since we turned on the geo-blocking feature, we have definitely seen a reduction in spam.

  • ArcTitan Capterra
  • Anil Melwani

    IT Director

    The overall intuitiveness is really good. We have been able to run reports, set up quarantine emails, and integrate with our Exchange server. That has all been extremely straightforward.

    It takes the load off our server and our Internet connection, since we are not bringing in a whole bunch of spam emails unnecessarily that need to be filtered out.

    All incoming emails go through their servers first before they reach our network. It takes out, on average, 75% to 80% of the emails that would normally be received as junk. Those are filtered out and we keep what is important to us.

    Over the years that we've been using it, people have gotten the confidence that the messages that they get are legitimate. it has overall increased employee comfort and productivity. For those who heavily rely on email, there has been probably a 50% to 60% time savings.

    The ability for users to manage their own allow and block lists is its most valuable feature. we have configured it so users will get a daily quarantine email that shows all their messages that were blocked from the day before. They can go in and release the messages themselves or they can block them if they don't ever want to see them again. They can allow them permanently, if it is a valid email that they should be receiving on a regular basis. Therefore, it really gives the end users the power to do their own thing and reduces the number of help desk tickets that my team needs to respond to.

    Since we turned on the geo-blocking feature, we have definitely seen a reduction in spam.

    The user interface is really straightforward. I haven't had any issues with it whatsoever.

    Whenever I have had questions and needed to reach out to support, there has always been a very quick turnaround. They are very responsive. They have access to our dashboard so they can see what we are looking at and help guide us through where we need to go and what we need to do.”

    For our previous solution, I would probably have given them about four or five out of 10. This is compared to the support that I get with TitanHQ, which is much better. Instead of just by email, we now go in through an actual web portal to create a ticket.

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