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Since using SpamTitan we've received 22 million email messages and it has filtered out about 28% before delivering to the user

  • ArcTitan Capterra
  • Keith C

    Senior Manager

    Since we started using SpamTitan we've received some 22 million email messages and it has filtered out about 28 percent of all emails before they even got to a user. That decreases the overall amount of either malicious or innocuous spam. It's helped our business reduce our overall risk profile and helped increase our users' effectiveness in receiving and responding to email.

    The stability of SpamTitan versus our previous solution is like night and day. SpamTitan is a solution geared specifically towards email filtering, instead of manually creating new rules and extensively customizing those rules for all of the potential variants.

    The stability and dependability of email security are very important for our organization. It's one of those behind-the-scenes tools that we view as incredibly important. A user now knows that the majority of the spam is not coming through.

    The deployment took minutes. It was an easy, seamless process.

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