"SpamTitan is the best cloud spam and malware block for e-mail servers"

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  • Scott Wilkins

    Director of IT

    WebTitan just works. WebTitan Cloud can be setup to be simple or indepth for each user. This takes a major load off of your e-mail server by limiting the amount of incoming spam it has to deal with. If you run an in-house e-mail server on a limited connection or have other performance issues, this will help out a lot.

    I recommed to be ready for some consideration on your setup for WebTitan. You can setup users individually or just use a blanket coverage of how spam is handled. Setting up users can be a chore, and training is a must.

    We have an in house e-mail server and it was just getting too much for it to handle all the spam, let alone the proper e-mail we were getting. We set this up and the difference was amazing. WebTitan reduced the load to 1/3 of was it was before, allowing us to extend the life of our hardware and also not have to consider more expensive internet connectivity.

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