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I rate SpamTitan 10/10. It does what it says on the tin. SpamTitan is reasonably priced, and TitanHQ's tech support is excellent

  • ArcTitan Capterra
  • Will Faulkner

    IT Manager

    “Reduces our administrative and security burden because it deals with threats before they can even get into our network. About 37 percent of our inbound email is clean, and SpamTitan blocks the remaining 63 percent.” 

    The user interface is intuitive and straightforward. All the functions are self-evident from the titles on the menus. They're crystal clear, and the in-application help is handy.”

    TitanHQ support is absolutely brilliant, a perfect 10 out of 10.”

    Setting up SpamTitan is effortless. It literally took me 20 minutes to get it running. We had zero problems setting up and configuring SpamTitan. We didn't need to contact support. It runs out of the box. You only need to do some configuration to customize it for your use case. Once it's set up, it just runs. It's a fantastic product.”

    I rate SpamTitan 10 out of 10. It's a great option if you are looking for an efficient, reliable, easy-to-use email filtering solution that doesn't require onsite IT people to maintain. You don't need a technical understanding of email protocols and security to use it.

    It does what it says on the tin. SpamTitan is reasonably priced, and TitanHQ 's tech support is excellent. I can't speak highly enough of those guys.

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