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"High protection for the mails of our company"

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  • Jerry S. G

    Information Technology Utilites

    SpamTitan is a tool that allows us to control all types of malicious emails that try to circumvent our security, and access through junk email. SpamTitan is very easy to install or configure, you only have to make the necessary configuration for each user and mail, add the desired protection for each of them, and the system is subsequently responsible for activating all of its security tools for our emails automatically. It is something that I love about this application.

    In general, SpamTitan helps us to avoid all types of attacks via email. It is a tool, that really does not need to have a lot of supervision, as long as an optimal installation is carried out. This allows us to concentrate on other types of attacks that can receive our company, and lets SpamTitan do its work automatically, which I must say it does very well. SpamTitan also helps us to avoid junk emails, which are only a nuisance for the users of business email.

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