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"The SpamTitan Anti Spam Appliance is simply the best email security available"

  • ArcTitan Capterra
  • Jonathan Strader

    Systems Network Administrator, IT Services

    Here’s the awesome thing, we haven’t had to contact support yet! Everything works so great I haven’t had any problems. There is a connect to support option on the device in case we need it so the technician can remote and assist which is amazing! Without a doubt consider SpamTitan, we did our research and it proved to be the best fit. We are extremely happy.

    The SpamTitan Anti Spam appliance is simply the best email security availble. It frees our inboxes of spam and protects our company from viruses saving use. We are extremely happy. End users are actually loving reading through the quarantine reports and seeing things that they never even knew were happening on the backside. Spam has become a thing of the past and the burden of dealing with Spam is gone.

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