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I wish everyone would care and respond the way TitanHQ do. They will go above and beyond.

  • ArcTitan Capterra
  • Chris Anzalone

    Senior Network Engineer

    It feels like we have a little bit more control with SpamTitan than we had with our previous solution. We have a little bit more insight as to exactly what's going on in the cloud. We get full logging of those mail servers. It's been great.

    “In addition, the solution's integration with IMAP was a big reason we went with it.

    If somebody calls us and says, "Hey, I'm having a problem not getting an email," or, "I'm having a problem sending an email," or, "I sent an email and it's not showing up," the discovery work to resolve those kinds of things has gotten so much easier because we can see what's going on right at the edge of our incoming and our outgoing email.

    Tech support can log in and type in very little information about what the customer is calling about, and get a very practical view of what is going on from address to address or regarding a subject line.

    It's been extremely stable. Everything that it uses has worked. It has built-in error alerting and that has worked. That has told us about what's not working or what's filling up. We're happy with it. From one to 10, where 10 is "most important" in terms of our requirements for this kind of solution, stability is a 10. That's our number-one priority. We have about 18,000 users in total, and if the solution goes down we start getting a lot of calls.

    I wish everyone would care and respond the way these guys do. I can't think of another example of where I have been impressed by a vendor's tech support. They will go above and beyond and actually offer a little bit extra when they reply.

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