"WebTitan's pricing is competitive to other products on the market."

Noah Braun

IT Manager

WebTitan was recommended to me from my outside IT consultant. We had spend a month on working on content filtering methods with some new SonicWall devices and could not achieve the desired results. We installed this as a demo, went through a training webinar, and were impressed by granular ability to filter out websites. By default in our environment, the whole internet is blocked, except for management approved websites. We have found this is the most effective may to keep employees productive.

With our previous product, I couldn't block a piece of a website and let another part through; but with WebTitan this is possible. Another great feature is the reporting. WebTitan also have bandwidth monitoring capabilities as well, this gave me great insight into usage habits that I was not aware of on my network. WebTitan's pricing is competitive to other products on the market. I have it installed in a vm on my network and it runs very efficiently. The GUI is very easy to use as well. I am happy with our purchase and deployment for WebTitan.

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