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"WebTitan is the best web proxy I have ever used"

  • ArcTitan Capterra
  • Chrysostomos Vatopedinos

    System Engineer

    I like WebTitan's LDAP authentication, the profiles work regardless the user IP address. WebTitan can also filter encrypted connections and offers many options for access policy and filtering. 

    WebTitan provides many benefits including powerful reporting and updates for category definitions and antivirus. WebTitan has a clear interface, and is easy to setup and maintain. The product has a robust system and never crashes.

    I deploy WebTitan on premise, for cloud subscription you must give it a try.

    With WebTitan I can apply company policies for web access restrictions and isolate all the workstations from the Internet by allowing access only through proxy for some applications only (e.g. browser). We can also avoid unintentional access to malicious sites.

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