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With WebTitan we have seen a 30% reduction in malware attack traffic and has helped reduce web filtering costs by 50%.

  • ArcTitan Capterra
  • Rocky Pham

    IT Systems Administrator

    Their report tool is the most valuable. By using the URL-base filtering, their reports give me a clear view of who is accessing what as well as which computer may have a virus or malware."

    In general, I have not run into a downtime issue with WebTitan since I have used it.

    It is preferable that WebTitan doesn’t need to install an agent or software on individual workstations. We don't like having third-party software installed on our system. There is a fear with a third-party company that somebody, even though they are our vendor, will still have a way to look into our computers.

    To get it up and running, it took me less than an hour.

    We have seen ROI in time and effort. Budgetary-wise, overall when factoring in the cost for WebTitan, it is cheaper every year in comparison to other systems.

    We have seen approximately a 30% reduction in malware attack traffic. WebTitan has helped reduce costs associated with Web filtering by more than 50%.

    We pay an annual subscription for this. They have good pricing. They are not expensive compared to other solutions that we evaluated. I like the fact that it is just one price for the year. I don't have to worry too much about fluctuations.

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