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Beware Fake Firefox email security alert

Posted by Geraldine Hunt on Sun, Aug 7th, 2011

Newly discovered fake email alerts asking users to update their Firefox installations, "for security reasons", and include a download link to the fake update. This latest fake email update includes a password stealing Trojan. Don’t click on this link or you may have your passwords stolen - users should always exercise caution when clicking on links in emails.

SpamTitan has warned readers many times in the past, but it's always worth repeating: Do not open e-mail attachments that arrive to your inbox that you weren't expecting. If you weren't expecting the email and attachement it's probably a good idea to reply and await a response. This way you can make sure the 'From' address is not faked.

SpamTitan recommends that users

  •  Keep their anti-spam and anti virus software up to date to ensure that these messages are blocked before arriving in the recipients mail box.
  •  Also important to remember if you didn't ask for a password reset  just ignore an email (most likely spam) looking to reset your passwords.

For more information on messaging and web security best practices why not download our new whitepaper produced in conjunction with Ostermann research.

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