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Career rescue advice for overworked and underfunded IT Pro’s facing an onslaught of cyber-attacks.

Posted by Geraldine Hunt on Thu, Oct 8th, 2015

You are  an overworked IT pro, Network Administrator or IT Manager. You carry the weight of the world upon your shoulders (well sometimes you do!). When the clouds of disaster are darkest, and the storm of helpdesk tickets is raging at its highest pitch, you steel yourself and rise to the occasion.

You fix the issues so they don't happen again - no band aid solutions here!

You scan the tickets to get the sense of the scope of the real problem - like a bloodhound getting the scent of its prey. Your deductive abilities hum to life as your inner Sherlock Holmes awakes - your brain twitches with anticipation - like a thoroughbred champing at the bit in excitement waiting for the gates to open and the race to begin. You mind is like a laser, focusing in on the problem, cutting through the noise, and lighting up the root cause. You don't treat symptoms. You don't use band aid solutions that have to be repeated again and again. You fix it so it doesn't happen again - ever. If it does, it is a different problem, with the same symptoms, and although you'll check your work, it will be some other cause.

Feeling all fired up? Well, these are nice words, but how does this story translate into real life. Where you don't have time to solve the root cause of each helpdesk ticket, where you don't control the budget, and you cannot replace the worn out stuff, and you don't have the skills (or the time to acquire them) because you are stuck on a treadmill, treating the symptoms instead of fixing the root cause, in the same routine way, over and over again, because the helpdesk tickets keep on coming. Like a Biblical plague, or the great flood.

Will you get paid more next year to fix the same thousand helpdesk tickets in the same way? Probably not. Will you be rewarded or punished if the company gets hacked and sends out reputation damaging spam and phishing emails to all the customers, even though you have been asking for the budget to fix the holes, more than once, and in writing...

Or will you be the fall guy? Being able to say "I told you so!" as you are handed your pink slip will probably not give you much satisfaction.

So how do you get off the treadmill?

Well, here is one way: You can spend less money, and get more time, simply, with SpamTitan. Our developers have been building what our customers have been asking for, for 15 years. You ask, we listen. We build, you benefit. SpamTitan will give you your time back, so you can solve those (other non-spam related) problems, and get more time for improving your skills in the areas that will make the most difference to your future career.

SpamTitan simplifies deployment and management of powerful email security. Multi-Award winning SpamTitan anti-spam software prevents inbound infections by:

Scanning and cleaning inbound emails of:

  •   viruses
  •   spam
  •   malware
  •   phishing attacks
  •   URL's linking to scam, malware and virus delivery websites
  •   risky attachments
  •   emails from known spam hosts

SpamTitan prevents outbound I.P address and business reputation by:

  • scanning and cleaning all outbound email using the same technology as for inbound email
  • rate limiting email by any combination of senders and/or recipients
    •   domain
    •   I.P address range
    •   email address
  • alerting the systems administrator of rate threshold violations
  • rotating the sending I.P address through a pool of addresses to both manage and minimize risk

to lower the risk of:

  • Outbound spam
  • Business and email I.P address reputation damage due to blacklisting as a spammer

You can now have the same industrial strength inbound and outbound email protection that previously required Fortune 500 budgets, a team of I.T experts and multiple servers - all in a single appliance, that can be hosted locally or in the cloud, set up within an hour, and at pricing that make this an obvious business decision.

Get your career back on trackTry SpamTitan today.

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