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CryptoLocker Ransomware – Most destructive computer virus spreads rapidly

Posted by Geraldine Hunt on Thu, Oct 24th, 2013

A new email virus known as 'CryptoLocker' which has been in circulation for a few months is now attacking computer systems. The virus is spreading through hyperlinks on social networks and via spam emails. This ransomware malware which is designed  to extort money from users in exchange for their personal files is spreading quickly.

CryptoLocker encrypts system files

The virus arrives as a .exe or .zip attachment on an email from an unknown source. Users have 72 hours from infection to make payment or lose their files forever. Once opened, server files are encrypted with two  different types of encryption. It’s then virtually impossible to get your file back!

Originally a payment of $100 was demanded but now new victims are infected with a version of the virus requesting $300. This ransomware is very well organised and even offers multiple payment options to victims including bitcoin and monkeypak. Once running you can’t close this malicious program down and your system is locked.

SpamTitan detects and blocks this ransomware

The virus has been rated as a serious threat by and email and internet security professionals at SpamTitan and across the security industry, having caused major infections for companies using inadequate security. Luckily for users of SpamTitan anti spam the solution's powerful double anti virus engine has been successful in detecting and blocking this ransomware, preventing it from entering a company network.

Spammers and malware writers are constantly updating and releasing new variations. Organisations must ensure they are running the latest version of  SpamTitan anti spam  and keep in mind the importance of backups. We are recommending users to have a scheduled backup stored on an external hard drive and as always be cautious – do not open suspicious attachments or attachments from unknown sources.

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