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Free Shipping Day means a network security headache for many companys

Posted by Geraldine Hunt on Wed, Dec 14th, 2011

Tommorow  Friday 16th, more than 2,000 US retailers will take part in one of the greatest made-up holidays ever - Free Shipping Day. The weekend from 'Black Friday' through to  ‘Cyber Monday' are the busiest four days of the year for online shopping followed by Free Shipping Day when once again email inboxes fill with special offers.

For any online shopper the dread of the shipping and handling line item is well known, how much of an extra charge will this involve on what started out as a bargain? Free Shipping day removes that dread and allows shoppers to make bundle purchases to make the most of the savings with zero shipping charge.

For employers it’s more complicated – in the business environment the stakes can be considerably higher. Recent research from AOL found that 20% of people admit to shopping or watching porn while at work. With most on-line dollars being spent during work hours, typically from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m, employers need to be sure that when employees are shopping on line using company equipment they are accessing safe and protected sites and not exposing the network and organisation to threats that could have serious security and ultimately financial consequences.

A recent survey by Robert Half Technology, found that 23% of CIOs said that although their companies do allow access to shopping sites, they monitor employees for excessive use. These companies have the capability to flexibly manage internet activity and their web filtering solution provides this protection by ensuring that only access to secure websites is permitted.

Organisations need to remain vigilant and follow proven email and web security guidelines such as

  • not clicking on links or attachments in unsolicited emails
  • only using recognised shopping site that use secure browsing facilities
  • keeping your  business anti spam, anti phishing and web security solutions up-to-date
  • change your passwords regularly and make them difficult
  • spend time locating a trust worthy email provider
  • User awareness is key and awareness training should be a part of every corporate security program.

According to a report earlier this year, global cybercrime had 431 million adult victims in the past year, costing countries $114 billion. Managing Internet access in the workplace has never been more important.

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