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TitanHQ 2017 Managed Service Provider Survey

Posted by Geraldine Hunt on Wed, Jul 12th, 2017

In our July 2017 MSP Survey we asked our MSP customer segment what the main reason they offer web filtering and anti-malware to their users is. Here at TitanHQ we were surprised by the wide margin winner – 89% voted that the number one reason they use web filtering and anti-malware is: “It saves significantly on my support time and cost” 

Here’s some of the informative soundbites from CEO’s and presidents in our MSP survey:

“By reducing malware-related security incidents, you're reducing your number one uncontrollable expense: the people on your IT operations team, like your help desk techs.”
MSP, Washington, US
“It's baked into our fees as well, and our Crypto calls dropped to 0”
MSP, London, UK
“Web filtering is one of the, if not the greatest bang for your buck services. It’s built in anti malware has protected our clients, and us from having to fix, thousands of hours of repair time I am absolutely certain.”
MSP, New York, US
At TitanHQ we built WebTitan Cloud for Service Providers with MSP’s in mind. We’re an OpenDNS swap out and have grown rapidly over the last two years.

Our solutions has been designed for MSPs who want to

  • offer web filtering as a value added service to their customer base
  • offer malware protection to ensure their customers’ networks are offered the best protection possible when browsing the internet
  • and Wi-Fi providers who want to limit access to unsavoury content in public places and control bandwidth

If you have a web filter solution in place but need to check your pricing is right – we’d be happy to take a look. Oh and for the record the second most popular answer was: “it’s an easy monthly recurring revenue source”.

If you’d like to discuss how we will save you time and cost simply email us at and we’ll look after the rest. 

Following this survey we carried out an in-depth interview with an IT managed services provider based in the U.S. We sat down with Danny to learn more about the cybersecurity challenges managed service providers regularly face while serving their customers.

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