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Networks Security Is the Fastest Growing Service for MSPs

Posted by Geraldine Hunt on Thu, Sep 27th, 2018

Channel Futures published a great post today on how security is the fastest growing service for MSPs. At TitanHQ we are in total agreement.

The article is based on some recent research carried out by Channel Futures which found  73 percent of  MSPs (2018 501 listees) rated security as their fastest growing service.  71 percent specifically highlighted network security as the growth area.

The difficulty for MSPs isn't whether to invest in security-as-a-service, but how to offer that service, so that it includes all the tools required to cover customers security needs. Really successful  MSPs are making a security package for customers. They are offering security bundles as not optional. ‘They're bundling it all together and making it a "tack-on" to other business services’.

Your customers are getting more educated about data breaches and how easily they can happen. The fact is, SMBs are reading the headlines,  they know they need better security. Eventually, they will buy security services from your company, or they’ll find another MSP that can protect them — in addition to the traditional managed services ( such as network management, on-premises servers, on-premises storage) you’re currently offering. If they haven’t already, your customer will start demanding security layers from their MSP. It’s time to get your security offering ready.

TitanHQ has been working with Managed Service Providers globally since 1999 and currently partner with over 1,500 globally. Our Security solutions protect MSPs customers from malware, ransomware, phishing, viruses, botnets and other cyber threats.

Most importantly our products were built from the ground up with MSP’s for MSP’s. We save MSP’s support and engineering time by stopping problems at source while also providing ideal products to sell in your technology stack.

Find out more about our MSP Program today.

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