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Staying Compliant and Protecting Data with Email Archiving

Posted by Geraldine Hunt on Thu, Oct 15th, 2020

With today’s remote workforce and digital communications, corporations can potentially accumulate thousands of messages every day aggregating terabytes of documents and email data. These messages are typically stored on an email server or on a user’s local device, which makes the data very vulnerable to corruption, theft, or accidental deletion. Business continuity and compliance standards call for backups and auditing capabilities on email messages, and archiving is one way to cover both requirements in one process. Archiving creates a backup of email messages and ensures the organization is compliant with government standards.

The Value of Email Data

Email data is a treasure trove of information, communication, and important documents. Message threads can contain pertinent information critical to business functionality, and users commonly save this data to reference in the future. Whether administrators store email data on the server or send it to user devices to store, backups are critical for business continuity.

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After a cyber-incident, email messages are one factor in the investigation process. It’s critical that this information is stored safely and without being altered. Archived messages contain the information needed in legal investigations and data integrity is important for it to be considered viable evidence. Overall, email data is one of the most important data elements in business productivity and incident response.

Benefits of Archiving Accrued Email Data

It doesn’t take long before a business can potentially accumulate terabytes of email data. Older unused messages no longer needed can be archived to free up storage space and server resources. They can also be archived to create backups required by regulatory standards. Email archives are required by several regulatory bodies including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), PCI-DSS, SEC, DPA and GDPR. Most organizations are required to follow at least one compliance standard and most require the ability to audit data, including email.

Organizations where users work with Outlook have a unique issue with personal email files. Outlook stores email messages in a Personal Storage File (PST) on local user devices. These files are at risk of corruption, cyber threats and theft, and deletion. If PST files aren’t backed up anywhere, emails are lost after any of these incidents. Corporations can ensure that user PST files can be restored using archived data.

With archived emails, the organization also creates an audit trail and files that cannot be altered. These two benefits are important in cyber-incident response and investigations. PST files can easily be altered, which makes them unusable during incident response. With the right archiving software, email data can be searched, moved, secured, and locked. GDPR requests where users ask for data to be deleted can be satisfied with little overhead for administrators.

Migrations to a new email server are much simpler with archive systems. It’s not uncommon for growing businesses to need email servers with better performance and resources. User inboxes and attachments must be moved during migration, and the right software will offer this feature so that a move can be seamless with few errors and limitations.

How ArcTitan Can Help

  • Ensuring data archives are performed without hurting network performance and keeping data integrity intact are priorities for most businesses. The solution makes eDiscovery easy for attorneys while simultaneously protecting data from attackers. ArcTitan is an email archiving solution that has both these features and several more.
  • At the point of archiving data, organizations also need a way to migrate data without causing any corruption during the move. Good migration tools save time and storage space by keeping data integrity while simplifying a move for administrators. Moving data to an archive can reduce storage usage by 50%, which makes it beneficial to big businesses that spend thousands on unnecessary storage usage.
  • ArcTitan can migrate email to a new location and integrates well with any current environment. It takes an organization’s most critical asset – its data – and archives it, locks it down, and keeps it secure from hackers. Administrators can quickly delete a user’s data in a GDPR request and search information during an investigation. ArcTitan fully complies with government legislation so that an organization stays compliant in the US or the UK.
  • Finance, HR, and other departments that store sensitive information and communicate with customers regularly can mainly benefit from ArcTitan and its archiving features. Administrators no longer need to pull data from several different fragmented locations during an investigation, and data is safely moved to a secure location.

ArcTitan’s email archiving software is a compliant, convenient, flexible, and scalable tool that improves data integrity and business continuity across the enterprise.

With this innovative email archiving solution, your email users can speedily search, view and retrieve their ArcTitan email archive from their Outlook email client or any web browser or mobile device. ArcTitan includes full email audit functionality, guaranteeing that emails  have not been altered.. Compliant with GDPR, eDiscovery, Sarbanes–Oxley, HIPPA, and other legislation for e-discovery, retention and audit. Never lose another business critical email. Find and retrieve any archived email in seconds. Simple to access and set up. Easy to use for both admins and end users.

We manage all of the complexity, invisibly in the background, so that you can simply get what you need, when you need it, instantly, without any extra effort. Your access is seamless and transparent to both your administrators and your end users at all times - via the web interface or Outlook

Safeguard your company’s most critical intelligence. If you have yet to offer email archiving to your clients or you are unhappy with your current provider’s service or the margin, contact the TitanHQ team today.

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