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WebTitan and SpamTitan Users Report Positive ROI

Posted by Trevagh Stankard on Tue, Sep 6th, 2022

Determining a return on investment (ROI) for a software investment is usually an indirect process. Unless the software directly drives revenue growth, ROI comes from cost savings and intangible but important factors like employee productivity. In the case of WebTitan and SpamTitan, which customers use to protect themselves from web-borne threats and spam email, respectively, ROI emerges from avoiding cyberattacks and cost savings. In this article, real WebTitan and SpamTitan users on PeerSpot explain how they have earned an ROI on their investment using these solutions. 

Saving Money by Preventing Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks, which are becoming increasingly common and severe, are quite costly to remediate. Between restoring infected systems, recovering lost data, notifying clients, and dealing with brand damage, a cyberattack will leave a hefty bill in its wake. Avoiding the expense of an attack contributes to ROI for security software. It may feel hypothetical, but senior executives will see the ability to avoid a disastrous financial episode as a return on their investment.

PeerSpot members who use WebTitan and SpamTitan agree that these solutions have helped them avoid costly cyberattacks. For example, a Project Manager who uses WebTitan at a tech services company says his organization previously suffered a cyberattack because an employee visited an infected website.

He explained that "the malware was placed on the company's systems, and an executive almost provided access information to a group of cyber attackers." However, since using WebTitan, the company hasn't experienced any cyberattacks. WebTitan spared the company the expense and hassle of dealing with the aftermath of an attack.

In another example, Bornwell M., the Head of Technical Support at ZAMNET, a tech services company, revealed that he is fond of SpamTitan's geo-blocking feature. It helps block spam emails from entering ZAMNET’s network and servers, reducing their spam intake. "Their former solution was only able to handle outbound traffic,” he said. "That meant we did not have control over what was coming through our network."

Nanyo N., a Managing Director, also uses SpamTitan to prevent users from dangerous links and attachments and provide overall IT security. He stated that the "email channel is still the preferred method for virus distribution." Blocking that channel mitigates the risk of an attack.



Saving Time

SpamTitan filters spam and malware before it reaches users’ inboxes. This saves people the time they would otherwise waste sorting through it all. Saving time translates into savings in operating costs, which earns ROI for the investment in SpamTitan.

SpamTitan frees up time for employees, which they can use more productively. For example, Andrew D., the President of ActiveCo, a tech services company, enjoys the time-saving simplicity of SpamTitan. In his words, "some of those other solutions are very convoluted to manage. Whereas this is very simple and easy. It has afforded us a margin for not just money, but the ability to manage a network through projects or disasters."

Meanwhile, an Infrastructure / Database Lead who uses WebTitan at a healthcare company appreciates the time the solution saves him from a security breach. In his words, "It has saved our having to respond to something nasty getting on-premises."

He went on to say that WebTitan is a maintenance-free option. After the initial deployment, it's straightforward. He elaborated, saying, "You forget about it, and it's only when users request that a website be unblocked that you have to work on it. We might have one or two requests a week to unblock a website. In terms of oversight, it's just reviewing the logs periodically to see what's happening. There's no maintenance." 



Improving Productivity

In addition to saving time and money, using WebTitan and SpamTitan can improve employee productivity, which is another driver of ROI. For one thing, WebTitan can block access to sites for browsing social media or playing games, which helps employees avoid getting distracted so they can focus on their work.

Michael G., who uses WebTitan as President of PJM Digital Design, a construction company, has found that the tool helps boost productivity in the company. He explained, “It has prevented people from watching basketball, be it the Final Four or March Madness. It has also prevented people from going to Amazon and shopping." WebTitan has "boosted productivity by blocking users from going to unwanted sites during the business day."

Similarly, a healthcare company's Infrastructure/Database Lead uses WebTitan to block access to sites that may distract employees. He mentioned on PeerSpot that he used the solution to keep all employees productive in a manufacturing environment. He explained that a big sporting event might reduce productivity. To combat this, he uses WebTitan to cut employee "access down to the bare minimum, essential websites." In addition to preventing people from violating acceptable use policies, WebTitan reduces the likelihood of an employee accidentally downloading malware and triggering a cyber incident.

WebTitan and SpamTitan produce ROI by avoiding costly cyberattacks and saving time (and therefore money) while boosting productivity. As these factors come together, companies that deploy these solutions should be on track to realize financial gains from the investment.

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