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Radio operator ends spam deluge with SpamTitan

With 130 staff in 7 different offices NRC was becoming increasingly dependant on email. Unfortunately the value of email was being severely eroded by a deluge of spam, phishing emails and other unwanted messages.

Mike Pluta

Mike Pluta Vice President of Engineering

SpamTitan has drastically cut our spam, drastically reduced the load on our mail server and provided rock-solid protection against both existing and emerging threats. You can't ask for more than that!

The Challenge

Radio operator ends spam deluge with SpamTitan - Solution

The Solution

The Results

"SpamTitan has performed perfectly since day one. It took about 30 minutes to install and was immediately able to block almost 100% of the spam that we had been receiving. The end-user controls are great and really help cut the helpdesk's workload. Staff can control their own whitelists and blacklists and can easily access any legitimate emails which have been incorrectly identified as spam and quarantined."


Time Saved

3000 hours a year saved processing junk mail


Flexible Protection

SpamTitan now protects 130 staff in 7 different offices from spam, viruses and other email- borne threats



It took 30 minutes to get up and running, couldn't have been simpler!

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