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Content Filtering for WiFi Hotspots

Content filtering for guest WiFi is a mechanism through which organizations can protect their WiFi routers and their guests´ devices from online threats. Since it was first discovered that malicious software (“malware”) can travel through WiFi networks as quickly as the common cold can travel through a densely populated area, Internet content filtering for WiFi hotspots has been acknowledged as the most effective way to protect wireless networks from online threats. Content filters for Wi-Fi can also be configured to create a safer browsing environment for guests by blocking access to inappropriate content, and ensure every guest can access the Internet by limiting excessive bandwidth use as required.

Furthermore, Internet content filtering for WiFi hotspots is easy to implement, inexpensive to run and versatile. WiFi hotspot filters have a low maintenance overhead and can be applied to a nationwide network of wireless hotspots with no limit on the number of devices - or type of devices - connected to them. 

By blocking IP addresses on a Wi-Fi network, an administrator can stop malware from being downloaded to the network. Not every malware download is from an attacker. Some users fall for phishing attacks or navigate to a site that hosts malware. These users innocently download malware to install on their PC. If this malware is designed to scan a network and find vulnerable routers, laptops or servers, your Wi-Fi hotspot could be a risk for users that connect. Since an administrator can't control an anonymous user's computer, any number of viruses, worms, rootkits or ransomware could be a threat to dozens of other users using the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Attackers use public Wi-Fi to download malware to purposely infect a hotspot, but another reason to use Wi-Fi anonymously is for illegal purposes. Not every malicious user is a hacker. Some want to use your Wi-Fi hotspot for illegal activity. With web content filtering, an administrator can protect a network from being used for illegal activity. It can also be used to block distasteful content that could take up bandwidth.

The risks of providing wireless Internet access for your clients can be mitigated by implementing a web content filter for WiFi. WiFi web filtering allows you to:

  • Control the content that can be accessed by your clients
  • Create a safe environment for your clients to access the Internet and
  • Provide your organization with reports regarding network usage – possibly to tailor your services to your clients´ needs

Content Filtering - The Benefits for  Protecting WiFi Hotspots

There are multiple benefits of Internet content filtering for WiFi hotspots. By blocking access to websites disguising their true identity, WiFi hotspot filters thwart most phishing campaigns. They can prevent surveillance software from being downloaded - the type of malware that records usernames and passwords - and ransomware that encrypts a user´s device until a ransom is paid for the encryption key.

Who Can Benefit from a Web Content Filter for WiFi Hotspots?

Organizations of all sizes have already implemented WiFi filtering. Our WiFi web filtering solution is ideal for:

  • Wireless WiFi ISPs, MSPs and other WiFi service providers
  • Cafes, coffee shops & restaurants
  • Retail outlets & shopping malls
  • Schools & universities
  • Health systems & hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Libraries
  • Airports
  • Rail & bus networks

WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi is a cloud-based content filtering solution for your Wi-Fi environment. Wi-Fi guests can be exposed to unsuitable websites and malware. WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi allows you to control the content that can be accessed, creates a safe environment to access the internet, and provides your organization with reports regarding network usage. Whether you are running a single WiFi hotspot or a network of thousands of access points, the WebTitan web content filter for WiFi hotspots can be rapidly deployed and will actively protect you and your clients within minutes.

WebTitan has a fantastic set of new, easy to follow user guides which you can view here. 

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