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DNS Filtering Software

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DNS Filtering Software

DNS filtering software is an alternative to hardware and software-based Internet filtering solutions as it works with a redirection of the user´s IP address rather than via expensive hardware or complicated software. Quick to implement and configurable from any Internet-enabled device, DNS Internet filtering software is quickly becoming a “go to” filtering solution for many organizations due to its ease-of-use and low maintenance overheads.


The Importance of DNS Filtering Software 

There are many different types of DNS Internet filtering software on the market but, in order to be fully effective, DNS filtering software must have SSL inspection. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption was developed to prevent online transactions from being intercepted and tampered with. Most often associated with online banking, SSL encryption is now used in many different online applications.

As the use of SSL encryption has increased - even social media sites use it to keep conversations private - so has the growth of bogus “secure” sites that have faked their SSL certificates after hacking into Certification Authority websites. These bogus “secure” sites can be used to harbor malware or to conduct phishing campaigns - the end-user believing that the sites are genuine.

When DNS filtering software receives a request to visit any website, it checks its parameters to ensure access has not already been blocked. If access is allowed and the requested site is protected by SSL encryption, the DNS Internet filtering web site de-encrypts the site, inspects its content, and then re-encrypts it before allowing access to the end-user. By using this process, DNS web filtering software with SSL inspection protects your organization from online risks that other filters may not recognize.

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Benefits of DNS Filtering Software

As well as protecting networks against online risks that other filters may not recognize, DNS Internet filtering software can be used to restrict access to online applications that employees take advantage of for “cyberslacking”. The average employee spends two hours daily on gaming websites, online shopping portals and social media platforms, and these activities can be blocked with DNS filtering software.

The settings on DNS web filtering software can be configured to restrict bandwidth, can be set by time, user group or individual user, or used to prevent access to pornographic and other objectionable material - not only to increase productivity, but also to avoid HR issues and possible legal action if an employee accuses an organization of failing to provide a safe working environment.

For businesses in the retail, catering and hotel industries, DNS Internet filtering software enables you to provide a safe WiFi service for your clients. A free WiFi service can often determine where “connected” clients choose to shop, eat and sleep. However, if clients´ devices are infected by malware - or if clients are exposed to inappropriate material - due to a shop, bar or hotel providing an unsecured WiFi service, the business will likely lose more clients than it attracts by providing the service.


DNS Filtering Software from TitanHQ

TitanHQ´s DNS web filtering software - WebTitan Cloud - is a feature-rich, cloud-based solution with a low maintenance overhead and a three-tiered filtering mechanism for maximum granularity. Universally compatible and infinitely scalable, WebTitan Cloud has SSL inspection to provide the highest level of defense against online threats, and automated reporting to help enforce acceptable use policies.

WebTitan Cloud can be integrated with a number of management applications (Active Directory, LDAP, etc.) for easier administration, and - due to the software´s web-based administration portal - can be remotely configured and adjusted from any Internet-enabled device. There is no limit on the number of users that can access the filtered Internet service - each enjoying imperceptible latency.

The cost of TitanHQ´s DNS web filtering software is minimal. Because it is a cloud-based solution, there are no set-up costs, no hardware to purchase and no software to install. Organizations subscribe to a level of service appropriate to the number of users that will connect to the Internet via the DNS filtering software - subscriptions typically costing little more than $10.00 per user per year.

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If you would like to evaluate the benefits of TitanHQ´s DNS filtering software in your own environment, contact us and ask for details of our free trial. Our team of experienced sales technicians will answer any questions you have about DNS Internet filtering software and guide you through the process of registering for your free trial.

Once you are registered, we will walk you through the process of redirecting your DNS to receive our service. There are no credit cards required, no contracts to sign and no commitment from you to continue with our DNS filtering software once the trial period is over. Simply call us today, and you could be adding an extra level of security to your organization´s web browsing activity within minutes.


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