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Web filtering for K12 schools is a requirement of the Children´s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) for publicly-funded schools and libraries if they wish to benefit from E-rate discounts on their Internet access. It is also a legal requirement for all schools in twenty-four states where similar legislation has been enacted.

Filtering the Internet for K12 school children is much easier now than when CIPA was enacted in 2000. Organizations covered by the legislation can take advantage of cloud-hosted filtering services that are easy to configure and manage, and “cloud keys” now exist that can quickly override parameter settings when adults request unfiltered access to the Internet.

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How Web Filtering for K12 Schools Works

Internet filtering for K12 schools works by checking each request to visit a website against Real-time block lists - block lists of websites known to host inappropriate material or malicious software - and the category and keyword parameters set by the filter´s system administrator. These checks not only prevent minors from accessing material outlawed by CIPA, but also safeguards computer networks from malware such as adware, spyware and ransomware.

Real-time block lists can be obtained from Internet safety groups or from a filtering service provider. They are usually updated as soon as websites are identified as hosting inappropriate material or malware.
The quickest way to block access to inappropriate content is via category filters. System administrators can select from hundreds of existing and bespoke categories for easy compliance with CIPA.
Keyword filters add a degree of fine-tuning to the category filters. With keyword filters system administrators can control access to websites containing specific words that they would not want children to understand or use. 

In most modern day systems for filtering the Internet for K12 school children, the filtering parameters can be set by time. In libraries where a reservation system for the Internet is in operation, it is a simple process to switch on the filtering controls at the start of a child´s Internet session, and switch them off when the child´s session has expired. This function can also be applied in schools for after-hours studies in which it may be appropriate for K12 school children to access certain adult material.

The quickest way to block access to inappropriate content is via category filters.

Speak with TitanHQ about Filtering the Internet for K12 School Children

Since 1999, TitanHQ has been a leader in providing online security solutions. Our portfolio of online security solutions includes one that is especially suitable for filtering the Internet for K12 school children - WebTitan Cloud.

WebTitan Cloud is an effective web filtering solution that protects networks from web-borne threats. It has the versatility to comply with CIPA and state legislation for filtering the Internet for K12 school children and has mechanisms in place to prevent children from circumnavigating the filtering controls.

Our solution for filtering the Internet for K12 school children works via a simple reconfiguration of the organization´s DNS. There are no hardware purchases or software to install. The solution is compatible with all operating systems and is managed via an easy-to-understand browser-based portal.

For organizations that operate wireless networks, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi controls the online content that school children can access on their mobile devices. As with WebTitan Cloud, this solution helps administrators identify attempts to access the Internet over non-standard ports and reports on potential breaches of legislation, such as when there is high bandwidth consumption.

Try Internet Filtering for K12 Schools Free

If you are a school or library that falls under CIPA or local legislation, we invite you to try Internet filtering for K12 schools for free. Our offer consists of a fully-enabled version of WebTitan Cloud or WebTitan Cloud for WiFi - whichever is the most appropriate for your situation - with no set up costs and no obligation to continue with the service once the trial period has concluded.

For further details of our invitation, or to find out more about Internet filtering for K12 schools, do not hesitate to contact us and speak with our experienced sales technicians. Our sales technicians will be glad to answer your questions about filtering the Internet for K12 school children, and guide you through the registration and configuration process, so that your organization can comply with Internet safety legislation and protect children from exposure to inappropriate content today.

Susan Morrow

Susan Morrow


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