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Web Content Filter for Public Hotspots

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Web Content Filter for Public Hotspots

A web content filter for public hotspots is a means of creating a safe online environment for all users - free from the risk of web-borne threats, free from the exposure of inappropriate material to minors, and free from the risk of prosecution for facilitating illegal activity.

In addition to eliminating many of the negatives associated with online activity, a web content filter for public hotspots offers organizations several positives. In addition to having a competitive advantage over premises offering unprotected WiFi access, a WiFi Internet content filter can also provide an insight into users´ online activities.

How a WiFi Internet Content Filter Creates a Safe Online Environment

A WiFi Internet content filter allows your organization to control what content your customers, guests and employees can access. Through a three-tiered mechanism of blacklists, category filters and keyword filters, your organization can block access to websites known to harbour malicious software, websites containing adult material, and those - such as P2P file-sharing websites - on which illegal activity occurs.

Inasmuch as you may not want adult material publicly displayed on your premises, or been seen to be facilitating illegal activity, the biggest advantage of a web content filter for public hotspots is the ability to prevent users from downloading viruses, spyware, adware and other malware. If your customers feel that you are protecting them from web-borne threats, they will remain loyal to your business and tell friends, family members and colleagues about the safe online environment you provide.

The Versatility of a Web Content Filter for Public Hotspots

The versatility of the web content filter for public hotspots means that you can set the filter´s parameters by user-group or by time (for example if you wanted to allow access to certain websites after a watershed). You can also set bandwidth limits by user-group to avoid the scenario in which one user is video-streaming a live sporting event and slowing access to the Internet for everyone else.

A WiFi Internet content filter is usually managed via a browser-based portal. This means that configuring and adjusting the filter´s parameters can be done from any Internet-enabled device and not necessarily on-site. This can be of benefit to organizations who provide multiple local public hotspots, or a nationwide network of public hotspots, as it significantly reduces management overheads.

Obtaining Insights from a WiFi Internet Content Filter

Most web content filters have a range of reporting options that many organizations use to ensure that acceptable use policies are being adhered to and to identify attempts to circumnavigate the filtering parameters. These reports can also be used to obtain anonymous insights on the online activities of your customers, guests and employees.

With this information, you can improve the user-experience of your customers by running promotions relative to their interests. If you have a large number of customers who use social media, you could host a Facebook Live event. Or, you could allocate a separate, quiet area of your premises if you have a high proportion of customers who use your public hotspot for reading and writing emails.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi from TitanHQ

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi from TitanHQ is an effective and inexpensive option for organizations looking to provide a safe online environment with a web content filter for public hotspots. Being a cloud-based WiFi Internet content filter, there is no hardware to purchase or software to install. Our web content filter for public hotspots is implemented with a simple redirect of your organization´s DNS.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi supports an unlimited number of users with imperceptible latency. It is capable of blocking all types of malware (including phishing sites), compromised websites and botnets. Importantly it has SSL inspection (to identify malware in encrypted conversations), and fifty-three categories of website that can be blocked - all updated in real time.

Our WiFi Internet content filter is universally compatible with all operating systems and infinitively scalable - so suitable for organizations of all sizes. It can be integrated with management tools such as Active Directory and NetIQ for easier management, and has scheduled reporting and multiple export. For MSPs, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi from TitanHQ is also available in white label format.  

Try WiFi Content Filtering Free

If you feel that your organization would benefit by providing a safe online environment for your customers, guests and employees, you are invited to try WebTitan Cloud for WiFi for free. We believe that, by being able to experience the web content filter for public hotspots in your own environment, you will be able to better evaluate the benefits of our WiFi Internet content filter.

Our offer of a fully-enabled WiFi content filtering service has no strings attached. There no contracts to sign, no credit cards required, and no commitment from you to continue with the service when the free trial period has expired. To find out more about how you can enjoy free WiFi content filtering, please contact our helpful and friendly team of sales technicians today.


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