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The Ransomware Review Guide

Ransomware was named the top threat type of in the last 3 years, and has shown no signs of slowing down. In 2023, three-quarters of organizations were victims of a ransomware attack, and around one-quarter of data breaches were related to ransomware.

This FREE ransomware guide looks into the future of ransomware, helping your prepare for the evolution of threats.

This guide examines:

  • The effects of ransomware
  • Upcoming ransomware trends
  • Why has ransomware increased?
Open Ransomware Guide

Ransomware Authors Target Education and Government Organizations

This year saw an increase in ransomware and phishing, but the main targets were education and government organizations.

The pandemic and lockdowns offered numerous opportunities for attackers, and many businesses in these two industries suffered several data breaches in 2021. Reports of these attacks show that they continue to be a main threat for bad actors to steal data and blackmail businesses out of millions of dollars. The State of Ransomware in Education 2023,” report found that education reported the highest rate of ransomware attacks. In 2022, 79% of higher educational organizations surveyed reported being hit by ransomware.

Universities as Primary Targets

Education businesses were also a primary target, mainly universities. College students must provide several data points that expose their social security numbers, financial information, and contact data. Universities also are notorious for having poor cybersecurity, so they become a good target for attackers looking to exfiltrate sensitive data as quickly as possible.

Discover what you can do to prevent phishing and malware.

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TitanHQ Web Filtering for Schools

K12 Students – their naivety makes them ideal targets

Educational Institutes are Ideal Targets for Hackers 

For K12 students, cybersecurity threats and malware are irrelevant or unknown concepts and their naivety makes them ideal targets.

On the contrary, higher education thrives on global collaboration and idea exchange, leading to less guarded institutional networks. Consequently, DataLossDB reports that 9% of all U.S. breaches target universities.

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Safeguarding Educational Data with Security Awareness Training

With as much personal data as educational institutions store, they still struggle with cybersecurity infrastructure and training. Teachers, administrators, professors, teaching assistants, and other staff have access to student social security numbers, financial information, and personally identifiable information (PII).

Security awareness training gives staff the knowledge to detect and stop phishing and social engineering, but educational institutions still don’t have the infrastructure in place to help stop a data breach.

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TitanHQ Web Filtering for Schools
TitanHQ Web Filtering for Schools

Students Underestimate Risks of a Cyber Attack

Educational Organisations Continue to be Victims of Cybersecurity Attacks 

When we visualize the types of industries that are victimized by cybersecurity attacks, we often think of banks and financial institutions, healthcare organizations, law firms or any large corporation with deep pockets. Yet the education industry, both K12 and higher education, are increasingly victimized as well. 

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TitanHQ Web Filtering for Schools
TitanHQ Web Filtering for Schools

Cybercriminals Actively Targeting Schools with Malware Threats

Universities and Higher Education are at Risk from Data Breaches and Malware Threats

From a cybercriminal's perspective, schools and universities represent a very attractive target. The personal and financial data stored on university data systems are valuable to cybercriminals.

The implications of any data theft are huge: reputational, legal, economic and operational. Future funding may be affected, as well as possible loss of future student fees and associated income. 

TitanHQ Web Filtering for Schools

Web Content Filtering for Educational Institutes

Avoiding the Headlines:

Web Content Filtering is an absolute must have in order to ensure compliance and protection for your University or School Network.

WebTitan protects staff and students online, while also offering the flexibility and tools for your educational policy requirements.

It is highly scalable for Universities and School Districts while also offering a granular policy engine to meet the flexible requirements of the education sector.

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TitanHQ Web Filtering for Schools

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Tim Maples, Network Administrator, Will Lou Gray Opportunity School, SC, USA

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TitanHQ Web Filtering for Schools

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