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Choosing the best of anything is a challenge. Usually, a product has many competitors, and picking out the best fit for your company takes research, time, and knowledge. In the cybersecurity space, independent technology analyst firms allow users of email security products to leave peer reviews. These users of email security solutions give honest opinions about products so that their security colleagues can learn from their experience. For example, SpamTitan is an email security solution that the security community has tested and come out with flying colors. 

Here, TitanHQ takes pride in SpamTitan and provides a synopsis of what security professionals say about award-winning SpamTitan email security.

Did You Know?


SpamTitan's spam catch rate

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SpamTitan Strengths and Features

Before reviewing the reviews, here's a reminder of why SpamTitan wins awards and praise as a best-in-class email security solution; TitanHQ, as a company, also wins many awards as a security vendor:

Security features of SpamTitan

These are the features that get customers most excited and that are cited in peer reviews of SpamTitan:


SpamTitan uses multiple layers of detection to look for tell-tale signs of phishing. This provides effective phishing prevention, protecting an organization from malicious threats.


Preventing spam from overloading employees' inboxes is essential for security and productivity. SpamTitan stops spam, with a 99.99% Spam Catch Rate and a 0.003% false positive rate.

Data leak prevention (DLP)

SpamTitan provides the ability to configure granular security policies to control email and the release of potentially sensitive data. This prevents data loss and exposure that would leave a company open to regulatory non-compliance and reputation damage. 

Outbound as well as inbound scanning

A company's reputation can be damaged if the company's IP address(es) is blocklisted by accidentally sending out spam. SpamTitan checks all outbound emails for spam and malware, preventing their exit and quarantining the offending emails before alerting administrators.

Real-time threat detection

SpamTitan detects real-time threats as they occur; this feature is vital in an evolving threat landscape.

Intelligent threat detection

ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) is a defense strategy based on Bayesian auto-learning and heuristics to stop advanced threats and emerging cyberattacks. SpamTitan uses predictive analysis to detect malicious email links and rewrites links to protect users. SpamTitan also prevents unknown and emerging phishing threats.

Administration features

Reliable support

TitanHQ support is one of the most comprehensive and reliable offerings.

Ease of deployment

SpamTitan is cloud-based and easy to deploy using its in-house team or an MSP.


SpamTitan allows administrators and managers to generate insights and reports using a centralized dashboard.

Here are some of SpamTitan's customers' views on using SpamTitan to secure their email:

SpamTitan Useability

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

"Install it, run it, and try it. It's effortless to use, sets up in minutes, and has wonderful account and support teams. Just do it, use it, and the product will sell itself." - Johnny Zodrow, Service Manager, Onsite Computer Specialists (OCS) 

Manufacturing organization 

"The deployment took minutes. It was an easy, seamless process." -  Keith C, Senior Manager.


The overall intuitiveness is good. We have been able to run reports, set up quarantine emails, and integrate with our Exchange server. That has all been remarkably straightforward. - Anil Melwani, IT Director


"It's (SpamTitan) been extremely stable. Everything that it uses has worked. It has built-in error alerting, and that has worked. That has told us what's not working or filling up. We're happy with it. From one to 10, where ten is "most important" in terms of our requirements for this kind of solution, stability is a 10. That's our number one priority. We have about 18,000 users in total, and if the solution goes down, we start getting a lot of calls." - Chris Anzalone, Senior Network Engineer.

SpamTitan Users on Security Features

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

"SpamTitan Plus is good at catching zero-day viruses and spam messages. One feature that helped us a lot in the past year is the Link Lock. It will check the URLs included in messages, and if they're not trusted sites, the link will be blocked." - Vipin Malhan, Network and security engineer.

"SpamTitan has helped us improve our spam catch rate and reduced our false positive rate. This took a lot of weight off our shoulders because we were spending a lot of time managing the Exchange servers." - David Mosley, CEO


"It has helped us reduce the number of attacks we used to have. It has helped to reduce the number of complaints we've been getting from customers regarding them receiving a lot of spam and unsolicited emails from the outside." - Bornwell Mwenya, Head of Technical Support.

Wholesale goods distributor

"Reduces our administrative and security burden because it deals with threats before they can enter our network. About 37 percent of our inbound email is clean, and SpamTitan blocks the remaining 63 percent." - Will Faulkner, IT Manager.


"We were getting hit left and right with a bunch of different spam, spoofing, etc. When we deployed SpamTitan, that immediately stopped." - Director of IT

TitanHQ takes pride in offering the most effective email security solution with comprehensive support so that your organization can drive our cybercrime and maintain safe working.

Awards for SpamTitan and TitanHQ

TitanHQ and SpamTitan consistently receive awards from independent industry analysts. 

TitanHQ Reviews, TitanHQ, email security

G2 Winter 2023 report G2: SpamTitan email security was given the accolade of "Leader" in G2's Winter 2023 report for the following categories: Cloud Email Security, Small Business Email Security, Email Anti-Spam SMB, and Email Security.

Peerspot: SpamTitan was given the accolade of "Leader" in the Peerspot email security leaders for April 2023, taking the number two spot of the top eight leading email security vendors.

Expert Insights: TitanHQ won five of the 'Best-Of' award winners in 2022 by Expert Insights. This included an award for SpamTitan as one of the best email security solutions. 

SourceForge: SpamTitan is consistently awarded a "Top Performer" by SourceForge based on user reviews.

Capterra: May 2022 saw SpamTitan placed in the Capterra Top Ten Email Security solutions list for small business users.

GetApp: SpamTitan was awarded a "Category Leader" for email security in 2023 by GetApp.

Deloitte: The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards are an annual event celebrating Europe's best companies in the technology sector. In 2021 and 2022, Deloitte named TitanHQ as a technology leader in Ireland.

G2 Grid® for Secure Email Gateway

The G2 Grid® provides insight into innovative products chosen by users for their ability to solve complex security issues. G2 describes the products placed on its grid as "pushing the boundaries of the market." SpamTitan is one of six momentum leaders in the G2 Grid with high scores for customer satisfaction:

G2 Email Security Solutions Review Chart

SpamTitan Review chart

The accolades given to SpamTitan have made TitanHQ proud, but the positive feedback from our customers counts the most. TitanHQ takes pride in offering the most effective email security solution with comprehensive support so that your organization can drive our cybercrime and maintain safe working.

If you'd like to see how SpamTitan can secure your email, stop spam, and prevent cyber-attacks, sign up for our free 14-day trial now. 

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Susan Morrow


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