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Secure Email Gateway

Secure Email Gateway Definition

An email gateway is used to prevent unwanted emails entering and leaving an organization.

It scans and monitors all incoming and outgoing email for malicious content, links and attachments. It also ensures no sensitive confidential data is included on outgoing email.

Email remains the number one means of communication used by an organization, and as a result is also the number one attack method used by cybercriminals.

Most email servers come with basic email gateways in place, however the leading professional solutions have a much higher catch rate and can recognise previously unknown threats also. Hackers are increasingly becoming more sophisticated in their approach and are continually changing tactics – the leading solutions contain features such as advanced threat protection, sandboxing and URL rewriting to counteract this.

Hackers can also easily access the more basic readily-available email gateways, allowing them to test their emails in advance to ensure they remain undetected, so this is another primary reason why organizations need to invest in a professional email gateway solution.


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Why is a Secure Email Gateway Important?

Phishing attacks are continually on the rise and attacks are increasingly becoming much more subtle and sophisticated.

The most common email-borne attacks are phishing, malware and spam, however email impersonation is growing heavily – in these instances hackers impersonate a leading member of an organization and attempt to trick staff members into carrying out requests and divulging sensitive data as a result.

Falling foul to a cyberattack can lead to sensitive company data falling into the wrong hands which results in substantial costs financially and also can lead to entire servers being taken offline.

As well as scanning all incoming email, outbound scanning is a vital aspect of a secure email gateway. If an employee inadvertently sends out malware or sensitive company data by email this will lead to huge reputational damages as well as the organization’s IP potentially being blacklisted.

By using a professional secure email gateway, organizations can protect their servers and users by dramatically reducing the number of email-borne attacks against their business. However employees are always the last line of defence – combining a secure email gateway with a cyber security awareness training program gives organizations that added protection and peace of mind.

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How Does a Secure Email Gateway Work?

A secure email gateway offers both incoming and outbound email scanning.

Secure email gateways scan every email for spam, viruses and malware and also use machine learning and algorithms to stay up-to-date with the latest threat patterns.

However not all email security gateways are the same and there are a number of factors and features organizations need to look out for when choosing the right one to match their requirements.

  • Spam and phishing catch rate: the leading solutions will contain spam catch rates of over 99%.
  • Threat Intelligence: the ability to anticipate new attacks using predictive technology.
  • Sandboxing: provides an isolated test environment on a network to inspect incoming suspicious files.
  • Outbound scanning
  • URL-rewriting: sometimes malicious email can still make it to a user’s inbox, or hackers can use specialised techniques to change a URL destination after delivery. The leading solutions will offer added protection by scanning every URL that is clicked in real-time and if the link is found to be malicious the user will be re-directed to a block page.

SpamTitan Secure Email Gateway

SpamTitan has a market leading 99.99% Spam Catch Rate with a 0.003% false positive rate.

It protects organizations and their users/servers from the main email-borne cyber-attacks such as spam, malware, ransomware and phishing, by scanning all inbound and outbound email.

Using best in class technologies such as double anti-virus protection, advanced phishing protection, sandboxing, machine learning and predictive technology, SpamTitan prevents against both known and previously unknown attacks.

Rated a 5-star anti-spam solution by the users of Spiceworks, Capterra, G2 Crowd, SpamTitan has won no less than 37 consecutive Virus Bulletin Spam awards.

SpamTitan offers cloud and on-premise deployment options.

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