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Hosted Email Security

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Hosted Email Security

What is Hosted Email Security?

Emails are the most common medium for attacking an organization. Hosted email security solutions contain advanced features in order to increase spam detection rates and limit the number of unwanted and malicious emails entering your network.

Why is blocking spam and unwanted mail so important?

At best spam is an annoying nuisance that heavily impacts an organization’s productivity levels, dealing with endless unwanted emails entering the system.

However phishing attacks – activated when a user clicks on an infected attachment or URL contained in an email – can give attackers access to sensitive company data and access to a whole network. Being subject to such threats can place an organization’s entire future in jeopardy.


How Hosted Email Security Works

In order to protect against spam and phishing attacks, organizations can create an account with a hosted email security provider, by adding their domain and a domain administrator, and connecting to the service provider´s servers by redirecting their MX records. As a result all incoming mail will pass through the email security provider’s servers and they are filtered according to the policies created by the domain administrator. 

Scheduled reports will be sent to each user when mail is quarantined by the hosted email spam filtering software. Domain administrators can easily monitor the volumes of spam emails being detected, quarantined and rejected in real time via a portal, or historically via customizable reports.


Discover the impact hosted email spam filtering can have on your business and users today, sign up for a free demo to see our solution in action.

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Features of a Hosted Email Spam Filtering Solution

Most hosted email spam filtering solutions use Real Time Blacklists to block emails from known sources of spam.

However those with higher spam detection rates use greylisting to also identify and inspect emails from previously unknown spam sources or from new threats. If the mail is legitimate, the sending server will be instructed to re-send and the mail will be accepted.

While greylisting can delay the delivery of emails to users, the benefits are substantial.

Hosted email spam filtering software with greylisting detect 99% of spam email, as opposed to 96.86% for those without greylisting. This can result in thousands of dollars being saved in lost productivity, as well as significantly reducing the potential for malicious emails to enter an organization’s network– and usually for no additional cost.

As a result Greylisting is an essential component of any hosted email security solution


The Best Hosted Email Security Solution

SpamTitan is a robust and highly effective spam filter that uses a range of mechanisms to check each incoming email for a host of spam signatures. SpamTitan includes greylisting among a number of front-end tests to maximize spam detection.

SpamTitan also scans outbound mail for malware, reducing the potential of an organization’s IP being blacklisted.

Multiple web authentication settings and recipient verification types provide domain administrators with flexibility over how they wish to apply spam filtering parameters.

SpamTitan blocks 99.97% of spam email, and ensures email continuity in the event of downtime or a server outage.

Deployment Options

SpamTitan is available in a choice of deployment options. In addition to providing a cloud-hosted service, SpamTitan offers business´s a Gateway on-premises email filtering service that can be installed seamlessly into a physical or virtual infrastructure. A cluster cluster option is also available, along with the possibility for SpamTitan´s hosted email security software to be hosted in a private cloud – an ideal solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).


Discover the impact hosted email spam filtering can have on your business and users today, sign up for a free demo to see our solution in action.

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SpamTitan Plus is an advanced phishing protection solution from TitanHQ, it includes A.I driven click time anti-phishing protection. It improves protection against phishing, business email compromise and zero-day attacks by neutralizing malicious links in emails. It inspects all URLs to identify links to malicious websites to prevent phishing, ransomware and all malware attacks. View SpamTitan Plus product information.

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