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What are Advanced Malware Threats?

Malware (short for malicious software) refers to any type of software designed to cause harm to a device. From phishing to ransomware, email spoofing and BEC attacks, advanced malware threats continue to affect organizations worldwide. Cybercriminals are clever and continuously devising ways to circumvent your defenses. To protect your users, your data and your business, you need advanced malware protection that combats threats as they emerge as well as continually blocking known threats.

In parallel with our increased reliance on email, the threat landscape continues to evolve. Only advanced malware protection allows you protect against damaging disruptions and breaches. Advanced malware are malware strains engineered with advanced infection capabilities. It usually has a specific target and is most likely carried out against an organization or enterprise. Advanced malware can even target specific people in an organization.

Choosing an Advanced Malware Protection Provider

Protect against dangerous malware and advanced threats by finding an advanced malware protection solution that offers a powerful layer of defence against emerging threats. TitanHQ solutions are constantly updated, ensuring continued protection from existing and new attack vectors. A multi-layered protection is also recommended for protecting all fronts and preventing users from accessing malicious domains that could deliver malware.

Layered security stops a successful breach from a vulnerability in one defense and offers an onion design approach where each layer compounds with another to form a fully functioning, complete sphere of security. It protects the internal network and its data by surrounding it with several layers that an attacker must defeat, making security much more complex for a successful breach. 

Although our malware protection security solutions work independently, they work collaboratively to protect enterprise devices.  In the process of implementing these tools into a comprehensive strategy, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  Because vulnerabilities are constantly being exposed and new malware compositions being created, enterprises must incorporate multiple defense strategies. TitanHQ can help by providing advanced malware protection to block these attacks.

SpamTitan email protection solution - provides advanced yet easy to use malware protection for your business

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SpamTitan Advanced Malware Protection

SpamTitan provides advanced malware protection in a cloud-based solution.  With SpamTitan you can protect your organization from the most sophisticated email threats. SpamTitan is a cloud based subscription service offering advanced malware protection for your organization. It equips administrators with extensive tools to control mail flow and protect against unwanted email and malware.

IT professionals know that one wrong click and you could be faced with some difficult decisions and large bills. Instead, prevent these emails from ever reaching your user's inbox. SpamTitan checks every URL in an email against known blacklists - with 100% active web coverage. Protect your users from email links to malicious sites with SpamTitan. 

SpamTitan Cloud filters your organization’s email traffic to stop email spam from reaching your users. The solution guarantees 99.9% spam detection through multi-layered spam analysis including; real time blacklists (RBLs), lists of websites that were detected in unsolicited emails (SURBLs), sender policy frameworks and Bayesian analysis, this coupled with a low false positive rate of 0.03% allows you to rest easy knowing your users never lose genuine email, but are protected from unsolicited email.

What Is a Zero-Day Threat?

A zero-day threat is an advanced malware that exploits previously unknown vulnerabilities within an organizations network.  Zero-day malware, refers to the fact the threat occurs before the vulnerability has been discovered. Hackers target zero-day vulnerabilities by writing malicious code to create zero-day exploits in order to carry out attacks. Examples of zero-day exploits include: seizing unauthorized control of a device, stealing data, corrupting files or espionage.  Essentially, a zero-day attack is a threat for which there is no defense in place. 

Zero-day attacks have become so prevalent that according to a report by the cybersecurity company, Cynet, half of the malware detected in 2019 was classified as zero-day threats. For hackers that don’t have the coding skills to take advantage of these vulnerabilities, zero-day exploits can readily be purchased on the open internet market.  Prices can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. 

Once a vendor officially recognizes a zero-day vulnerability, it loses its zero-day status.  At that point, it is up to IT departments to download and install the newly released patches in order to secure and eliminate the vulnerability. 

SpamTitan email protection solution - provides advanced yet easy to use malware protection for your business

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Superior Protection against Zero-Day Threats with Advanced Sandboxing

Sandboxing is a cybersecurity technique that provides an isolated test environment on a network to inspect incoming suspicious files or code, so that they don’t cause damage to the host system or network. SpamTitan sandboxing is a powerful next-gen sandbox security solution that protects against advanced, sophisticated attacks via email.


SpamTitan's sandboxing feature protects against breaches and sophisticated email attacks by providing a powerful environment to run in-depth, sophisticated analysis of unknown or suspicious programs and files.

SpamTitan sandboxing protects against breaches and data loss from zero-day threats and sophisticated email attacks by providing a powerful environment to run in-depth, sophisticated analysis of unknown or suspicious programs and files. This advanced email security layer will provide protection against malware, spare dash phishing, advanced persistent threats (APTs) offering insight into new threats and helping mitigate risk.

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The Benefits of Sandboxing

  • It detects advanced attacks early and prevents breaches, reducing incident response costs and efforts.
  • It reduces threat-hunting burden – sandboxing prevents your operating systems from being exposed to potential threats.
  • There is no conflict between the sandboxing environment and your operating system.
  • It greatly increases the detection rate of elusive threats in the pre-execution stage, including APTs, targeted attacks, evasion techniques, obfuscated malware, custom malware, and ransomware.
  • It ensures continuous protection and maximum performance against rapidly evolving advanced threats.
  • If you have existing email filtering solutions in place, sandboxing functions as a complementary solution - providing you with even more added protection.

Our solution is packed with award-winning machine learning and behavioral analysis technologies, enabling your security team to safely detonate suspicious files in a secure environment that mirrors your production endpoints, tricking cyber attackers into believing they have reached their target. It is a safe space, where if a threat arises in the test environment, it won’t affect your host network.

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SpamTitan email protection solution - provides advanced yet easy to use malware protection for your business

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TitanHQs Solutions for Advanced Malware Protection :

  • SpamTitan Email Security, where multilayered detection engines and sophisticated intelligence work together to block viruses, malware and spam before they reach users.
  • URL protection, with URL analysis of every link in every email and attachment, checking the validity of websites on first click and every subsequent click to avoid succumbing to delayed attacks.
  • Intuitive and extremely easy to set up.
  • Real-time detection for threat analysis with 24×7 updates and malware protection.
  • Zero-Day Threat Protection: Dual antivirus engines provide signature-based protection against 100% of known malware.
  • Sandboxing: allows in-depth analysis of suspicious attachments to identify zero-day malware threats.
  • Full outbound email protection.
  • Protection from impersonation attacks, using real-time scanning of all inbound emails to detect anomalies in headers, domains and content, including validation with DNS authentication services like SPF, DKIM and DMARC. 
  • Ransomware protection, preventing infected emails from entering the system and archiving email to neutralize the impact of ransomware attacks.
  • Protection from internal threats, scanning all al outbound and internal email potentially containing malware or sensitive data.
  • By adding advanced malware protection from SpamTitan,  IT teams can spend less time focused on email security and more time on strategic priorities to move the business forward.

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Office 365 Malware Protection

If your company has moved to Office 365 as a hosted email solution, your email is being hosted in a Microsoft Data Centre and most likely being filtered using Microsofts Exchange Online Protection (EOP). Although the Office 365 spam filter offers a reasonable level of security, some businesses find it basic and lacking when it comes highly-sophisticated cyber threats especially advanced and persistent spear phishing attacks.

As email security experts with over 20 years’ experience, we know new malware can penetrate the usual email filtering mechanisms. It has long been the case that older email protection technologies, like analysis reputation and fingerprinting, are no longer effective against the evolution of these threats.

System Administrators implementing Office 365 need to make sure it’s secure by layering in a dedicated secure messaging and spam filtering solution like SpamTitan to protect against advanced persistent threats. To protect against advanced threats you need advanced malware protection.

Learn how to strengthen your Office 365 security against Malicious Malware through a defense in depth approach.

How Can Organizations Combat Advanced Malware Threats?

To combat malware, organizations need to deploy a more effective layer of advanced malware protection, aimed at securing their data. The solution must be able to must be able to identify and respond to advanced malware threats. Your organization has to minimize the opportunity that exists for cybercriminals.

Malware is the basis of most phishing campaigns, but the enterprise can turn the tables on hackers by using its own box of tricks in the form of smart malware protection tools. The best way to protect yourself from these malware threats is through proactive measures, malware protection for your organizations email is essential.

By adding advanced malware protection from SpamTitan,  IT teams can spend less time focused on email security and more time on strategic priorities to move the business forward.

SpamTitan is a multi-award-winning email protection, spam filtering, and email filtering solution. Start your free trial for SpamTitan today to discover how we can prevent malware attacks. 

SpamTitan Plus is a leading-edge, A.I. driven anti-phishing solution powered by zero-day threat protection. Zero-day Threat intelligence not found in ANY other phishing product. It inspects all URLs to identify links to malicious websites, rewrites the URLs and provides time-of-click analysis to protect against links that appear to be safe on delivery but are later weaponized with malware. Discover how SpamTitan Plus can protect your organisation from malware today. 

SpamTitan email protection solution - provides advanced yet easy to use malware protection for your business

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