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MSP Initiative Live with TitanHQs Conor Hynes

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MSP Initiative Live with TitanHQs Conor Hynes

TitanHQ is thrilled to announce that Conor Hynes, Director of Product Management and Data Strategy, will be a special guest on MSP Initiative Live with George Bardissi.

MSP Initiative Live welcomes IT Channel experts every Tuesday and Thursday at 1 PM ET to discuss different areas of expertise such as Cybersecurity, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, and more to help the community through these new times.

In this episode, Conor will provide valuable insights into the current landscape of phishing threats, offering practical guidance on securing MSPs and clients from these potential risks.

A podcast not to be missed!

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MSP Initiative is an organization that is passionate about connecting independent individuals and companies from across the IT and Managed Services landscape to form a dynamic and inclusive community. The organization believes in the power of collaboration and is committed to building a new voice that represents the collective interests of IT professionals everywhere.

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