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A recently published study evaluated 1.6 million Microsoft 365 users across three continents, finding that 90% of organizations lacked essential security protections. These gaps exist irrespective of your clients' chosen Microsoft plan. Managing Microsoft 365 (M365) is complicated. How can IT teams stay secure and take control of their M365 instance?

PhishTitan is vital phishing protection regardless of which M365 license your client is on. Your client needs the M365 license that addresses their needs, and regardless of which license they are using, PhishTitan can provide advanced inline phishing protection for advanced zero day and BEC phishing emails.

PhishTitan's current performance has been sensational – for every 80,000 emails received PhishTitan is catching 20 unique and sophisticated phishing attacks that Microsoft’s elite and expensive E5  premium security is missing. These emails are bannered and auto-remediated to the junk folder. PhishTitan offers advanced protection against email-borne attacks.

Did You Know?


cyber attacks begin with phishing

10 minutes

to seamlessly install PhishTitan

$10.5 trillion

estimated global cybercrime cost

295 days

to stop & spot a phishing attack

Why is Auto-Remediation Important?

Auto-remediation is a crucial tool in the fight against cyber-attacks. With cybercriminals increasingly targeting companies, auto-remediation significantly reduces the time and cost of managing these threats. Productivity suites such as Microsoft 365 and Google are popular solutions, with millions of companies depending on them to keep their business moving forward. But popularity is also a draw for cybercriminals intent on stealing from and harming legitimate businesses. 

A study has shown that cybercriminals targeting popular solutions such as M365 are developing phishing campaigns that specifically evade detection by M365’s in-built cyber defenses. The study captured a drop in detection rates by Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Defender over three years; during this time, evasive phishing tactics were explicitly developed to evade detection by these SEG tools built into popular applications.

Auto-remediation equips security professionals and IT administrators with powerful tools to combat these sophisticated, and increasingly, automated attack tactics, empowering them to stay ahead in the cybersecurity battle. With auto-remediation, you can feel secure in knowing that you have the best defense against these evolving threats.

"90% of companies have security gaps in their M365 environment."

Phishing Volume and Sophistication Overload

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (AWPG) research for Q1 2023 identified 1,624,144 phishing attacks, describing the situation as "This is a record high -- the worst quarter for phishing that APWG has ever observed.” Notably, APWG data for Q3 was slightly lower but still described as the “third-highest quarterly total that the APWG has ever recorded.”

Volume is one thing, but sophistication is another challenge altogether. If a secure email solution could catch threats, it would do so effectively, even with high volumes. However, the new era of phishing has changed the metrics. Phishing is no longer the clumsily put-together spoof email that even the most straightforward email gateways can detect. Phishing is now polymorphic, evasive, and often multi-stage; cybercriminals may also use compromised email accounts to carry out these attacks, making detection challenging.

Where are the Security Gaps in M365 Native Security?

If you use Microsoft 365, you should be aware of potential gaps in the native security within the suite, regardless of the plan your client is on. Studies have shown that these gaps have resulted in almost 20% of phishing emails circumventing Microsoft 365 Exchange Defender and Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP).

According to a recent report by Security Boulevard, 90% of companies have security gaps in their M365 environment. These gaps in the native security offered in M365 are being exploited by cybercriminals using evasive and exploitative tactics. 

Ready to strengthen your organization's security? Explore PhishTitan's capabilities and fortify your M365 defenses. Book a PhishTitan Demo.

Susan Morrow

Susan Morrow


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