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Tell you SMB customers about SpamTitan email security

Emails for MSPs to send to SMB customer about SpamTitan Email Security 


Template 1:  


Hi >>First Name<<,    

Did you know that 1 in 323 emails sent to small businesses is malicious (source).? And that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error (source)? That means an employees accidently clicking on infected link in an email or opening a dangerous attachment. 

 We can offer you best-practice managed email security services that delivers protection from phishing attacks, ransomware, spam and malware. We can ensure that those accidental clicks don’t lead to the damaging consequences we often read about. 

 The solution we use in our service is SpamTitan, it’s a 3-time award winner in the 2021 Experts Insights “Best-Of” cybersecurity awards and is a 10 TIME consecutive quarter leader in the G2 Crowd independent reviews site for Email Security solutions. See what SpamTitan users are saying 


Discover some of the advanced features that make SpamTitan the #1 Email Security Solution, as seen on Capterra and G2 Crowd: 

  • Highest phishing detected rates  
  • Attachment filtering  
  • Recipient verification  
  • Innovative greylisting  
  • Anti-spoofing  
  • Dual ant-virus protection services 
  • Advanced sandboxing 
  • Geoblocking 
  • Real-time analysis  
  • Extensive email scanning 
  • Advanced Machine learning 

and so much more. Learn more about how we can protect >>Insert company name<< from advanced threats with SpamTitan email security. 

We can help with your managed email security needs. Give us a call to discuss how we can determine the best solution for you. Do you have 15 minutes to spare, some time over the next few days?  

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Kind Regards 



Template 2: Why you need an email security solution with office 365: 

Hi …. 

Email security is essential for businesses to prevent email-borne threats. 94% of security incidents with malware occur through malicious emails.  

80 billion messages sent to Office 365 inboxes a month, 55 billion of these are spam/bulk emails and over 20 million contain malware or phishing messages that could result in a data breach.  Are you protecting your Office 365 from attacks? 

2021 saw an all-time high in email-borne threats in office 365. Although Office 365 is the leading business applications, it lacks in some areas, one area in particular is protection from cyber security attacks. 

Here’s why some of our clients have already deployed SpamTitan Email Security protect Office 365 from cyberattacks: 

  • Reduce risk of spam, malware ransomware and zero day attacks 
  • Protection from email links to malicious sites 
  • Multiple anti-virus scanning engine  
  • Real-time RBL’s 
  • Scanning of attachments for malware 
  • Prevention of BEC attacks 
  • Data loss prevention 
  • Spoofing emails 
  • Greylisting 
  • Geoblocking 

Learn about [MSP NAME] email security solution for Office 365, SpamTitan. Discover all the features available and you why you need an email security solution to prevent office 365 attacks. 

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Kind Regards…. 

Here’s what SpamTitan users have to say: 

"SpamTitan is outstanding! Between the Block Lists, Spam Filtering and Virus controls, 95% of the messages targeting our mail server are rejected. Of the remaining 5% that get through, 99% valid emails. Of the 95% that are blocked, easily less than 1% are false positives." - Harold B. Director, Forensics and Discovery 

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