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Join the TitanHQ Panel for an Interactive Roundtable Discussion

TitanHQ will be hosting the third installment of the MSP Interactive roundtable on September 20th. 1:00 PM EST/ 6:00 PM GMT.For Roundtable #3, Tom Watson, Channel Chief and Trevagh Stankard, Marketing & Events Coordinator at TitanHQ, will host another interactive and engaging conversation. We invite everyone to come online, join with your camera and mic, and discuss a range of topics.

In the 1st half of MSP Roundtable #3 we spoke about promotional items/ SWAG at events. 

What are your favorites?  What would you like to see vendors give out? 

Everyone who attendended the roundtable and had their camera on and contributed to the discussion, received a gift box from TitanHQ similar to the one pictured.  


In the 2nd half of the hour we discussed the 5 Sales Myths Preventing You From Growing Your Business a recent article on by Kendra Lee. Please give it a read and come prepared to break it down! 

Are these true in your experience? 

  • Cold Calling Is Dead 
  • Email Campaigns Will Sell for Me 
  • I Can’t Sell Successfully in Q4 
  • Lead Generation and Sales Prospecting Are the Only Ways to Grow a Business 
  • Once a Prospect Says No, It’s Over 

Watch back the roundtable today:

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