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WebTitan vs. DNS Filter

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WebTitan vs. DNS Filter

Content filtering is one of the single most effective way to block your users from downloading malware and falling for phishing scams. Content filtering along with email cybersecurity greatly reduce your organization’s chances of being the next victim of a data breach. Email security blocks suspicious emails from reaching their intended target, and content filtering blocks users from accessing malicious websites in their browsers.

You have several possible options for content filtering, and TitanHQ WebTitan and DNS Filter are two popular choices. We’re certain that our product exceeds client expectations and brings the best in world-class content filtering that integrates easily with your current cybersecurity infrastructure. Both stop users from accessing known malicious websites and work to stop zero-day attacks from affecting your business, but WebTitan has clear features that benefit our customers and the administrators responsible for installing solutions.

Most notable is WebTitan’s multi-network control perfect for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to support numerous clients. WebTitan’s cloud deployment gives MSPs a centralized location for managing their clients and receiving reports on their network activity.

WebTitan’s artificial intelligence (AI) make it flexible to any business environment. Its threat intelligence combined with AI improves performance and its ability to detect zero-day threats that have not been seen in the wild yet.

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What is DNS Filter?

DNS Filter is a cloud-based content filtering system and threat protection application the enforces security policies for search, web browsing, and downloads.

How does DNS Filter compare with WebTitan security?

Several review websites show that DNS Filter and WebTitan are leaders in the content filtering industry, but PeerSpot rates WebTitan with 4.7 stars, making it the leader for convenience, ease of use, and its ability to block malicious websites.

A few general advantages where WebTitan outperforms competitors include:

  • WebTitan is easy to deploy and requires minimal technical intervention from administrators.
  • Integration with Active Directory Service lets administrators put users in their respective roles.
  • More affordable than other solutions such as Cisco.
  • Cloud-based deployments mean that nothing needs to be installed on each user workstation.
  • Great customer service unlike many of WebTitan's competitors.
  • Offers many features that meet business requirements and compliance standards.
  • Features are compliant with many of the standard regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and many others.
  • Deployment is one of the easiest on the market, and many of the filters work right out of the box with little configuration and human intervention.

Discover how WebTitan compares to DNS Filter in a free demo.

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What are Some Comparisons of WebTitan vs. DNS Filter Features?

WebTitan has several features, many of which are also included in DNS Filter’s toolset, but WebTitan has several more that users report as their favorite or the reason why they prefer WebTitan over competitors.

The key user reported favorite features in WebTitan include:

  • Whitelisting capabilities
  • Policy enforcement and integration with Active Directory
  • Incident reports useful for stakeholders and administrators


  • The quarantine feature stops users from accessing a page and redirects them to a secure page.
  • 24/7 monitoring detects anomalies and does not hamper legitimate web traffic.
  • Offline protection on individual user devices.
  • Protects guest networks such as public Wi-Fi access points.
  • Native DNS over HTTPS protects all DNS requests on the network.


  • Protection during the DNS lookup stage of browsing
  • Blocks requests using threat intelligence gathered from various sources.
  • Covers IPv4 and IPv6 protocol lookups over HTTP and HTTPS.


  • Whitelist specific domains to allow access and remediate false positives.
  • Enforce browsing policies using integrated Active Directory roles, including roles for allow and block lists, and application access rules.
  • Administrators have access to incident response reports to get insights into current threats and potential ongoing attacks, including potential insider malicious activity.
  • Categorize domains to allow or block entire groups of sites based on IP address, endpoint, or role.
  • Control multiple sites from one cloud-based location.


What are some Additional Features that make WebTitan stand out against DNS Filter?

The above list of features aren’t the only options for WebTitan clients. WebTitan has several other advanced features that help businesses meet compliance regulations and safeguard their data. The main reason most organizations install WebTitan is for its security against malware downloads and content filtering to protect data from theft.


How is WebTitan Support and Customer Service Compared to DNS Filter?

Because WebTitan is deployed in the cloud, it’s operating system agnostic. It runs on any Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system and supports cloud-based systems such as Chromebook.

WebTitan reviews indicate that customer service and support are two of their best features. Customer service is available 24/7, and they have a variety of support options including forums and a knowledge base, email and helpdesk support, online chat, and phone support.

A few additional features that make WebTitan stand out include:

  • Encryption management ensures that data is always protected over the internet.
  • Endpoint management ensures that remote and users with mobile devices are protected.
  • Monitoring solutions continually check for any suspicious activity, network traffic, and threat-related access requests.
  • Real-time data monitoring and notifications ensure that any suspicious activity is reported immediately.
  • Risk management features lowers the risk of a compromise for insurance and compliance purposes.
  • Performance metrics are available so that stakeholders can see WebTitan’s effectiveness.
  • Combine WebTitan with SpamTitan and malicious malware is blocked in phishing and other email-based attacks.

Does WebTitan offer any Training for new Customers?

Because WebTitan has global support for numerous customers, several training options are available. You might find custom training from third-party vendors, but WebTitan has webinars, great documentation, videos, and online training.

What can I do to find out more about WebTitan?

Several small and large businesses use WebTitan for their content filtering service. It’s cloud-based, so managed service providers also work with WebTitan to control their user web browsing habits. The policy-based configurations make it easier for administrators to simply integrate WebTitan with Active Directory so that policies do not need to be redefined.

You can find many positive reviews online for WebTitan including PeerSpot and G2. You can find out more about TitanHQ WebTitan web content filtering by visiting our product page.


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