"Great for security and cloud migrations"

Jose Alcocer

Security/Technical Architect

There are several advantages of using SpamTitan.  Apart from being an anti-spam filtering solution, SpamTitan also serves as a temporary archiving service when you need to take your mail servers down for maintenance. You will never lose an e-mail. SpamTitan is a great tool to have if planning an e-mail migration to a cloud provider. No more appliances and almost zero configuration apart from relocating your MX records. Highly recommended.

It is easy to set up, just point your MX records to SpamTitan and off you go. We have probably contacted the technical support 3 to 4 times in almost 4 years that we have using the product, it just works. SpamTitan is a great product, particularly for non-profits. TitanHQ offer good discounts and value for money.

SpamTitan is an anti-spam solution with no downtime, secure, easy to manage and with a self-service portal offered to users with minimum input from IT.

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