"SpamTitan is extremely fast, scalable, very easy to operate & has all features a Company needs to have a safe e-mail service."

Robert Siwiec

IT Manager

"We have tested many anti-spam solutions, as you can easily guess: with different results. Read about SpamTitan, with its effectiveness exceeding the threshold of 90%, we first recognized: maybe so, but not on our Polish market. We accepted the tests, however. Now we're using the commercial version and it's getting better day by day.

Efficiency in our case exceeds the threshold of 98% !!! At the beginning, it was not like that at all, but it turns out that SpamTitan is learning very quickly and effectively the specifics of the company and after a week it's hard to live without it. So we have a very efficient, non-impacting and at the same time super-effective anti-spam system. Now we can do work and not sifting out e-mails. The product definitely recommendable. And if you still have doubts - try it out! The system works 30 days for free!" 

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