"SpamTitan is an important part of my business-incredible value"

Jason Maximovich


SpamTitan has been a part of my business for many years with my e-mail hosting solutions. Their multi-level approach with virus/malware has really been a saving with not only my business, but my customer base. I only work with vendors that understand how important their products work 365/24X7. SpamTitan's technical support is top notch and the few issues that I have had, which primarily were caused by my staff, they resolved promptly. Any person that I have worked with at SpamTitan was a nice experience and they are excellent at following up with any question/concern I have had.

In the past, I used a number of products to reduce spam, virus issue, mal-ware, etc. The resources that were freed up in my business after SpamTitan was implemented was substantial and I wish I had implemented the solution years earlier. Prior to the implementation of SpamTitan, it was common to spend easily 5-10 hours a week that was not billable on the issues that we were dealing with.

Once I determined what our prior solutions were actually costing me (low cost up front, high cost on the backside) versus what SpamTitan cost, as I stated earlier, I would have put it in place long before I finally did. I want to emphasize how little time is actually spent on maintaining SpamTitan as it is literally less than 1-2 hours a year, which is exceptional. I would recommeded to try it out. SpamTitan is easy to setup, virtualize and test. It was a no brainer for myself to use it.

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