"SpamTitan is a great product with a good support team."

Hector Gomez

Network Administrator

SpamTitan Cloud doesn't take long to have it up and running, the menus are clear for easy navigation. You can have multiple users with different roles for team collaboration. If you have a great product that lacks support... then you have a problem... for me SpamTitan is a great product with a good support team.

I recommend to Test both versions of the solution (Gateway and Cloud) and decide based on your results. Nothing out there is perfect and if you think you find it... trust me at a certain point it won't be. This product is great at a reasonable price, and definitely does work.

Emails are and will remain that open door for unwanted junk, malicious attacks and faster contamination from a virus, SpamTitan gives that extra comfort, at a reasonable price, you have some defense against these types of emails before they hit your organization. As an added benefit, my emails will still flow if my on-premises server goes down fo up to 5 days!

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