"SpamTitan has been exceptionally reliable."

Tom Shinder

Senior Network Engineer

"We were looking for a powerful, one-stop, easy to install and configure anti-spam and anti-malware solution for our e-mail organization and we found it in SpamTitan. When doing some basic performance testing, I find that it was able to easily handle over 1000 messages per minute, even when RBL and other frontline content control where disabled. If you enable these features, you’ll find that SpamTitan can easily handle 2000-5000 messages per minute!

SpamTitan has been exceptionally reliable. I have never had to reboot the virtual machine and the virtual machine updates itself on a regular basis without me needing to log into the box to check on the updates. I have configured several reports to be sent to me each day and those reports are created and emailed to me reliably. In fact, SpamTitan has not missed a day!

I highly recommend SpamTitan for businesses of all sizes. The virtual appliance makes disaster recover a simple affair, and its performance characteristics enable you to support even the busiest of e-mail environments. Perhaps most importantly, SpamTitan is very reasonably priced, so that both small businesses and enterprise deployments can obtain a cost-effective anti-spam and e-mail anti-malware solution. If you are an organization that wants control and not turn it over to an unpredictable and unreliable cloud, then SpamTitan is the ideal e-mail hygiene solution."

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