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Exclaimer Mail Archiver is Discontinued. Best Email Archiving Alternative?

Posted by Geraldine Hunt on Mon, Sep 13th, 2021

If you are an Exclaimer Mail Archiver user you may already know this product is end of life on September 2021. After this date the solution will be no longer be supported by Exclaimer.

What is the Best Email Archiving Alternative?

You may already have started your search for a better alternative to Exclaimer Mail Archiver. An excellent, award-winning alternative is ArcTitan email archiving.  ArcTitan is an email archiving product for business which allows users to securely archive your business emails and simply retrieve these archived emails. ArcTitan is compliant, fast, secure, and M365 friendly.

With ArcTitan email archiving you can store your emails in a secure environment, which can be easily searched and audited. This means the emails can’t be tampered with or deleted, but they can be searched and viewed. ArcTitan helps you stay legally compliant by keeping a communications record. This mean in a legal case where you need some record of communication it will allow you recover data, manage your IP and increase productivity.

What will you get from Arctitan

  • One of the top cloud based archiving solutions on the market 
  • Front runner in the market for searchability. We excel in large data searches across 200 languages and the way we index our mail, means that we are one of the quickest solutions in the market 
  • Unlimited storage: no storage limits or caps, as long as you are a paying customer you can add as much data to the system as you want 
  • Lightning Fast Search and Retrieval
  • M365 Email Archive
  • Significantly enhances Office 365 email Search and Storage functionality.
  • Massive cost and time savings
  • No maintenance headaches: we monitor and manage the infrastructure 24/7, it is our job to make sure it’s performing well.
  • Disaster recovery is also included at no extra cost, which we have an impressive SLA’s around. 

Expert Insights Best-Of Email Archiving - ArcTitan

Functionality included: 

  • Unlimited storage 
  • Folder replication 
  • Delegated permissions 
  • Re-ingestion function 
  • GDPR, HIPPA and SOX Compliance 
  • Powerful search and retrieve tool 

Open Standards Data Storage and Transfer

  • We don't lock you in with the use of proprietary formats - so you can move some or all of your data to another system as required.
  • Your data is stored, transferred and retrieved using open standards.
  • You can import your existing email archive data from MS Exchange, Google Apps, EML, MBOX, MSG, or PST.
  • You can export your ArcTitan archive data to EML, MSG, PDF, TIFF and PST.
  • No costly, time consuming data conversions - neither when you join or if you ever decide to move some or all of your archive elsewhere.

What if I’m using M365 ?

ArcTitan is a powerful cloud Email Archiving solution that seamlessly integrates with Office 365. 

With ArcTitan, organisations can fully offload their email storage requirements to the cloud and avail of unlimited archiving of both inbound and outbound mail, including attachments, folders, calendar entries and contacts. 

A 3rd party email archiving solution is essential with M365 to easily access and retrieve data for compliance purposes. There are many useful features of M365, but the email archiving tool requires a supporting email archiving tool such as ArcTitan to ensure M365 Customers can archive emails efficiently and securely.

Email archiving has become an essential function within modern organisations, it’s not enough to simply store your messages, they need to be easily searched and retrieved for compliance.

M365 can search through approximately 50 different attachment file types (mostly Microsoft files), but there are hundreds of other potential files that Office 365 can’t interrogate. Office 365 permits only 50GB of email storage capacity (including your archive), meaning you can quickly run out of space.

Unfortunately, these inadequate features can expose businesses to litigation risk. If you can’t properly retain and search your emails, then you’re in danger of non-compliance with government regulations, which can result in substantial fines or even imprisonment.

Lawsuits are a practical example of how emails may be needed several years after having been sent or received, as a court may order production of all records associated with a case. If an organization is unable to produce emails/records that they are required to by the law or rule, it leads to fines and perhaps even criminal charges. 

Our automated and well-managed system fully enables organizations to comply with the order to produce all relevant emails in a timely manner, by offering instant access to emails on demand.

How easy is it to move to ArcTitan email archiving?

ArcTitan is Easy to Set Up, our support team will work with your IT staff or service provider to get your email securely duplicating your emails to ArcTitan

  • We provide step by step instructions for configuring your email server to duplicate your emails, or
  • We can work with your IT department or email service provider directly to manage migration and deployment for you.
  • Usually same day account setup - depending on your email server configuration access.

With ArcTitan there is no onsite hardware requirement. ArcTitan is compatible with M365, Microsoft exchange, Lotus notes, Zimbra and many others.

ArcTitan offers a simple and secure way to manage corporate emails to ensure compliance, security, and privacy. We manage all of the complexity, invisibly in the background, so that you can simply get what you need, when you need it, instantly, without any extra effort. Your access is seamless and transparent to both your administrators and your end users at all times - via the web interface or Outlook.

Learn more about cloud-based archiving in the era of remote working. Watch this webinar.  

"It's painless to use ArcTitan to store emails."

- Egil Bjorkedal, Head of IT at Saga Welco AS

If you’re looking for a powerful alternative to Exclaimer Mail Archiver or just need to implement email archiving we would be happy to hear from you.

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