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New Email Scam Alert – Fake police email delivering malware!

Posted by Geraldine Hunt on Tue, Sep 15th, 2015

TitanHQ warns of a new email scam that  attempts to trick users into believing the email is from London City Police luring them into opening an infected attachment. The email is a fake new bulletin on a murder suspect from “London City Police”. The correct title of this police force is in fact  ‘The City of London Police’.

The content of the email related to a murder suspect purported to be on the loose in London, and was made to look like it was sent out by the London City Police. The tone and content of the email is extremely serious, it’s related to a murder suspect after all. I’ve never received such an email and imagine I might be intrigued to find out more if I did. This scam is more likely to successfully snare victims precisely because of that element of originality.

Steven Kenny, Customer Support Manager at TitanHQ explained  “This malware was blocked by SpamTitan before it had a chance to make it to users inboxes.  The malware contained in the attachment was flagged as a virus. The attachment is a zip file, once executed; the malware goes to work.  This image shows the details of the virus blocked by SpamTitans virus scanners and also some detail related to the email itself. Notice how the attachment is named, official yet ambiguous to rouse curiosity".

Email scam

Email scam

Email is now a critical business tool but sometimes an entry point through which malware can enter an organization and wreak havoc. Always keep your security systems up-to-date and working well – review their performance regularly. Be suspicious of unsolicited email attachments, they can often introduce danger onto your PC and network.

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