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Why Security Awareness Training is a Vital Part of any MSP Security Stack

Posted by Trevagh Stankard on Mon, Jul 17th, 2023

The cybersecurity situation means that all companies worldwide must deal with serious threats. Analysis of cyber-trends in 2022 from  shows that attacks have increased by 38% during 2022 compared to 2021. One of the reasons why cyber-attacks have become so prevalent is the connected nature of modern business; remote work, cloud computing, and shared resources all add to the cybersecurity burden. In a recent study, analysis firm Gartner gets to the core of the problem, stating, "Humans are the chief cause of security incidents." In response, MSPs are adding security awareness training solutions to their security stack. Almost 40% of MSPs have included security awareness training in their portfolio. Here are some reasons why these MSPs have offered their clients a human-centric training option.

"Humans are the chief cause of security incidents."

Cybercriminals recognize that a more straightforward way into an organization is to take advantage of the fallibility of employees and the broader vendor supply chain. Some research findings can crystallize the scale and sophistication of cyber-attacks:

  • In 2022, 493.33 million companies suffered ransomware attacks (source)
  • However, ransomware is decreasing, only to be replaced by Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams; BEC attacks increased by 81% in 2022. (source)
  • Social engineering is increasingly sophisticated, with 75% of companies placing social engineering/phishing attacks as the top threat. (source)


While cybersecurity tools are still vital in an organization's defense, a security strategy that stops the exploitation of human factors is a must-have, not a nice-to-have. Offering clients the added layer of security in the form of educated employees is now an essential component of an MSPs security stack. 

A comprehensive security stack is now part of a successful MSP strategy; a 2022 MSP benchmark report points out that almost 40% of MSPs have added security awareness training to their security stack. 

What to look for when Evaluating a Security Awareness Training Solution

Security awareness by employees and the broader supply chain is essential in developing a robust security strategy. Therefore, an MSP will have many options when evaluating a security awareness training package. However, several vital features should be considered: 

Is the solution designed with MSPs in mind?

There are many security awareness training packages on the market. However, not all SAT solutions are designed to meet an MSP's needs. An SAT solution must-have features and functions that work for the delivery model used by an MSP. For example, does the solution: 

  • Support multi-tenants? 
  • Provide a dashboard to facilitate centralized control and offer live analytics. 
  • Offer scheduled client reporting? 
  • Support for multiple customer training session deployment in a few clicks? 

Will the Security Awareness Solution Work with the Rest of Your Security Stack?

Any new addition to your security stack must be interoperable to optimize your offering. An effective way to overcome this hurdle is to sign up with a vendor that provides multiple solutions that are interoperable and work seamlessly together. For example, security awareness training and interoperable email gateway solutions will give a double-layer of email security and phishing prevention.

Does the SAT Solution Offer Automation Options?

Automation saves an MSPs time and money. Automated security awareness training provides automation of repetitive tasks such as setting up and deploying phishing simulation exercises. Automated SAT also enables 'always-on' security as automated solutions offer ways to ensure that training is performed regularly. Some advanced SAT solutions will also be AI-driven to adjust training based on user behavior.

Is Security Awareness Training Based on Changing Behavior?

Some SAT systems are behavioral-driven. The security awareness training is adjusted to suit each employee's specific behaviors and roles. Also, as the training continues, the program modifies to fit the behavior, improving the effectiveness of the training. Real-Time Intervention during training helps change behavior to improve an employee's response to a phishing message or cyber threat.

Is a Simulated Phishing Platform Part of the Solution?

Around 86% of companies found that at least one employee will click on a phishing link. To help teach employees what phishing messages look like and how to avoid a phishing-related security incident, security awareness training must provide simulated phishing exercises. Spoof phishing campaigns send employees a controlled fake phishing email to test their response. Advanced simulated phishing campaigns will incorporate automation and have thousands of phishing templates to help generate the campaigns.


Benefits of Security Awareness Training in an MSP Security Stack

By offering your clients the use of a comprehensive, automated security awareness solution, you will provide your clients with some significant benefits:

Secure Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks may be decreasing, but this insidious cyberattack is still prevalent, with North America experiencing 44% of attacks and Europe 35%. Ransomware often enters an organization via phishing emails. An MSP provides vital support to help businesses stop ransomware incidents by training employees using automated simulated phishing. 

Prevent Business Email Compromise

SMBs are increasingly targeted by scammers carrying out BEC attacks, with 2022 seeing a 174% increase in BEC scams. Also, a recent report found that entry-level sales roles were the most at risk, with those roles reading and replying to text-based BEC attacks 78% of the time. BEC scams cost companies large sums of money. BEC uses sophisticated social engineering tactics, and regular, dedicated security awareness training is required to help prevent this crime.

Build Employee Confidence in Spotting Security Threats

Regular security awareness training helps to build the confidence levels of employees. Regular training helps to connect the employee with the needs of the business in maintaining a safe environment and preventing security incidents. An MSP can deliver automated training based on an individual's behavior and adjust the training based on the response to the - training.

Prevent Accidental Data Exposure

Security awareness training is not just about stopping external threats. Regular, behavior-driven security awareness training will also prevent accidental data exposure. 

Evidence Regulatory Compliance

Centralized, MSP-friendly dashboards provide automated reporting to MSPs to help deliver the evidence a client needs to prove compliance with data protection and privacy regulations and standards.

SafeTitan for MSPs

SafeTitan is an award-winning security awareness training solution designed for delivery by an MSP. Some of the features that make SafeTitan a great choice to add to an MSP's security stack include the following:

  • Reduce security risk for your clients.
  • Fully re-brandable solution for your customers. 
  • MSP Dashboard.
  • Automated phishing simulation, training, quizzes, videos, and smishing reporting in minutes.
  • Access to over 18,000 phishing templates, 80+ Videos, training sessions & webinars.
  • Auto Campaigns that provide MSPs with always-on SAT campaigns. 
  • Easy to understand training content in manageable pieces. 
  • Mass campaigns & training. 
  • Automated scheduling of campaigns.
  • Seamless integration with TitanHQ's email security and web security solutions.
  • Dynamic User Management easily add users.
  • Auto-enrolment for risky clickers
  • Scheduled client reporting.


Book a free demo today if you’d like to learn more about SafeTitan for MSPs.

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