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SpamTitan anti-spam is ideal option for exWebroot email security customers.

Posted by Geraldine Hunt on Thu, Feb 23rd, 2012

Webroot reported to be exiting email security market - SpamTitan is ideal migration option

It was reported 2 months ago that Webroot may be exiting the email security market. Sources  suggest the vendor plans to stop supporting their email security products at the end of 2013. Following this announcement SpamTitan are speaking to existing customers about moving to SpamTitan anti spam for their email security requirements while also allowing them save on IT security budgets.

What SpamTitan offers

SpamTitan anti spam is used by businesses in over 100 countries worldwide. SpamTitan blocks over 99.97% of spam with almost 0% false positives and includes dual anti-virus protection and a powerful anti phishing module as well as being priced competitively for business customers.

  • SpamTitan spam catch rate  99.97%+
  • Low false positive rate
  • Dual anti-virus protection (Kaspersky and Clam A.V.)
  • Includes Powerful anti phishing module
  • Competitively priced for business customers
  • Multiple deployment options including on premises and via the SpamTitan Cloud Service

Our team will be happy to answer any questions from Webroot Email Security customers and advice on seamless migration options, pricing and recommended timescales.Prices start from $395 and are available at 

For further information please email

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