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The State of DNS Security

Posted by Trevagh Stankard on Tue, Sep 13th, 2022

The internet has become a safe haven for many. We are able to joyfully whittle away the hours scrolling through social media platforms, conversing with friends and family or engaging in a heated debate in an attempt to finally put the age-old question of “Dogs vs Cats: Who’s Cuter?” to bed. But, for its many benefits, the internet can be a dangerous place, especially for businesses who rely so heavily upon it to conduct their work.

Malicious actors wait in the wings, ready to pounce on any cybersecurity shortcomings your business may have. As of late, there has been a drastic increase in cybercrime, due to a number of different reasons, one being the mass adoption of remote, or hybrid, workforces. Without your employees being physically in an office space, where you can more easily keep tabs on how they are using their work-related devices, the sites they are visiting and applications or files they are accessing, your organisation is at risk.

One tactic adopted by cyber criminals is to target employee browser usage. Without the proper DNS security measures in place, your organisation faces a significant threat.

Do Organisations Take DNS Security Seriously Enough?

With the cyber security landscape undergoing a seismic shift, organisations are finally starting to prioritise their cyber security solutions, understanding that failure to do so could, ultimately, be the reason for their downfall. However, many are yet to adopt the same approach to their DNS security:

It’s essential that organisations realise the threat posed by having a negligent attitude towards DNS security, with a recent survey from Neustar International Security Council (NISC) revealing that 72% of participating organisations had experienced a DNS attack in the previous 12 months, of those:

  • 61% experienced more than one attack
  • 11% reported they were targeted frequently
  • 58% found their business was impacted for over an hour
  • 14% stated that their businesses took a number of hours to recover

It is therefore essential that organisations leverage a DNS security solution, such as WebTitan, to bolster, not only their overarching cybersecurity, but their DNS security, too.

What Can WebTitan Do for You?

When considering your DNS security, and attempting to identify a solution that works for you, there are a number of capabilities and functions that you need to look out for. Of course, first and foremost you want your DNS security solution to fortify your cyber security posture and boost your overall defenses. But, unlike other DNS security solutions, WebTitan also offers:

  • Malware Blocking
  • Content Filtering
  • Scale to Your Needs
  • In-depth Reporting
  • Tools to Prevent Phishing Attacks
  • Malicious Detection Services
  • Protect Against BEC
  • Real-Time Updates
  • ...and much, much more

To find out how Titan HQ’s signature DNS security solution, WebTitan, can help keep your organisation safe, download TitanHQ 2022 DNS Security Report for MSPs, today.

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