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You do not need to provide your credit card details when trialing our products.

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If you’re happy after the trial period, just purchase a license and you are all set. No re-installation, no changes to be made. Simply continue to get the same great protection and service.

Which deployment option should I choose?

The deployment option varies depending on your organizations needs. The gateway deployment options are traditionally suited to organizations that want more granularity, while the cloud based solutions are best suited to organizations that want simplicity.

How are my details stored and used?

We will not share your data with any third parties other than our regional partners, and only for the express purpose of providing you with local support in your own time zone and/or language to download, install, configure, and use our products.


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DNS Filtering FREE Guide

DNS Filtering FREE Guide

DNS Filtering FREE Guide

DNS plays a critical role within the enterprise, securing it is imperative. We explain how DNS works and how best to secure it.

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DNS is both an interpreter and roadmap for the Internet. In short DNS maps friendly names to IP addresses.  Due to its critical function within both the Internet and the enterprise, DNS is a primary target for hackers so securing it is imperative.  

An effective security strategy includes not only blocking malicious queries but also servicing good queries as well. DNS filtering plays a judicious role in a layered network security strategy where multiple approaches to cyber defence are required. 

This Guide Examines

  • What is DNS and why filter it?
  • Examining the DNS Structure
  • The Association of DHCP and DNS
  • Preventing a DNS attack
  • How important is DNS in security?
  • What is Reverse DNS?
  • Types of DNS Attacks

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