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Active IT Systems, UK-Based MSP Protects Customers, Employees, and Critical Data Using SpamTitan Email Security
The solution’s overall intuitiveness is fantastic. Everything, from our experience dealing with the people at TitanHQ, to setting the product up. SpamTitan is the way to go. I won’t use anything else.
Ricky B.
Heldesk & Internal Systems Manager
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The Challenge

Active IT Systems is a reliable office IT system that helps to keep teams working efficiently and free from the stress and hassle caused by low-quality systems. They will install and maintain a simple and effective IT system that meets the demands of day-to-day businesses. 

"We use SpamTitan, in our role as an MSP, for all of our customers across the board. We set them up on SpamTitan to protect their emails, inbound and outbound. It will scan everything for spam, junk, viruses, dodgy attachments, and spoofing."

The Solution

"The aspects of TitanHQ’s technology that help us acquire new customers and add value to our services are its ease of use and functionality. It’s a brilliant product. It sounds amazing when you first look at it, and it does what it says it will do."

"The key differentiator of TitanHQ for its partners is the Sandboxing Service. The email filtering will open up any attachments and run them through two antivirus sandboxes before they reach you. You can pretty much guarantee there’s not going to be a virus in them. I’ve not seen anyone else do that."

The Results

"The collaboration between us, as an MSP, and TitanHQ in terms of positioning us to acquire new business, is spot-on. I have meetings with our account manager every quarter to go through what’s happening with TitanHQ and learn about new products that they’re offering. They will also ask how we’re doing and whether we have anything big coming up, to see what they can do to support us through it."

"The solution has also helped to improve our spam catch rate and reduce our false positive rate, by at least 50 percent."



Reduced false positive rate by 50%.

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