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Credit Union immediately impressed with SpamTitans blocking abilities
Implementing SpamTitan has meant that employees no longer have to sort through a bunch of spam emails every day and can work much more effectively and productively.
Joel Radon
Network Administrator
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The Challenge

The Solution

The Results

Kennedy Space Center Credit Union were immediately impressed with SpamTitans blocking abilities. With 1/5 of phishing attacks targeting financial organisations, SpamTitan saved this financial institution time and money as well as safeguarding its confidential customer information.


Immediate drop in spam

Right away after implementing SpamTitan ‘we saw a drop in Spam email of about


Huge time saving

Before SpamTitan every employee spent between 15 – 30 minutes every day deleting spam mail from their inbox, not any more.


Zero issues - it was all so easy!

“We have not had to use the support service, we have had NO issues, now that’s impressive!”

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