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Critical IT Specialists, Transcend Networks MSP, Migrate to SpamTitan

MSP founded by security experts, Transcend Networks provides high quality IT solutions for critical need clients. An MSP Partner since 2018, SpamTitan has successfully protected their clients from phishing attacks.

John Penrod

John Penrod Principal Engineer / VP

With SpamTitan, you just know it's going to protect clients’ employees from phishing and spoofing attacks, regardless of whether they are working in the office or remotely.

The Challenge

Transcend Networks needed to migrate from their email security provider, Mail Assure.

“Mail Assure couldn’t guarantee that emails would not be relayed overseas, it didn’t have the ability to ensure the mail wouldn’t leave the US boundaries for Transcend clients such as the government agency clients.”

“The ability to keep mail onshore was a key driving factor for a new email security solution.”

The new solution had to have better controls of resources within WS servers.

“All IT solutions we use are best of breed, we have to use the best for our clients, we focus on quality”.

Phishing, spear phishing, and spoofing were the main security challenges facing their client's email accounts.

In the last year, they saw an increase in more direct attacks on clients and a significant increase in spoofing.

“Some of our clients post regularly on social media and have their organisation chart on their websites, this historically leads to a high number of targeted cybersecurity attacks. An advanced email security solution is essential for these clients.”

Mail relaying was a key factor in considering a new solution.

Key Requirements for Transcend Networks:

Critical IT Specialists, Transcend Networks MSP, Migrate to SpamTitan - Solution

The Solution

5 Star Security Solution

Transcend Networks pride themselves on their first-class customer experience, extensive security background and knowledge, and strong relationship with clients, SpamTitan ticked all the boxes and was a perfect fit.

"Nothing ever breaks, SpamTitan has worked seamlessly since deployment".

Advanced Phishing Protection

DMARC, DKIM & SPF provide protection against spoofing and spear-phishing attacks.

SpamTitan provides double anti-virus protection with Bitdefender and ClamAV.

Ease of Use

Custom Policies

The ability to customize user policies meant SpamTitan was a perfect fit for us.

“After trialing SpamTitan, we realised it met all of our requirements and surpassed our quality standards and it was a good price”.

Industry Leading Support

"Every time we contact support to make changes, the support team is always quick to respond, they always respond within an hour."

"A+, Amazing support function, a huge advantage for Transcend Networks.


We use the history log every day, it’s a fantastic feature.

The Results

The main driving factor to switch from Mail Assure was to find a solution that could guarantee that emails would not be relayed overseas for certain clients such as government agencies. In switching to SpamTitan, Transcend now have the ability to host custom policies for clients, allowing them to keep mail onshore where required.

Migrating to a new solution can be a difficult process, however, the deployment of SpamTitan was very straightforward for the IT team.

“The ability to set up new clients is very simple and straightforward. This is very important as our clients trust us, so we have to provide the best solution possible.”

"Phishing, spear phishing, and spoofing emails are completely under control with SpamTitan. Our clients are very happy with the migration to the new solution, there have been no issues or complaints."


Years of MSP Partnership

Transcend Networks joined the SpamTitan MSP program 3 years ago. SpamTitan have been protecting their clients from phishing attacks since 2018.


Flexible & Scalable Licenses

Transcend have a flexible license so they can scale their business up thanks to SpamTitan.


Double Anti-Virus Protection

Successfully reducing the risk of phishing emails, spear phishing and spoofing attacks for Transcend clients.

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