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Critical IT Specialists, Transcend Networks MSP, Embrace Email Security from TitanHQ
SpamTitan and ArcTitan have been bulletproof in their ability to serve our (and our customers) needs.
John Penrod
Principal Engineer / VP
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The Challenge

Transcend Networks specialises in providing critical support to their customers and takes pride in taking care of the technical needs of clients who truly value their IT. 

The ability to maintain local US mail storage was a priority for Transcend Networks, as they work with government agency clients. Transcend Networks were previously using a Cloud-based email security provider that began to relay emails overseas, creating a major issue.

Transcend Networks wanted to deliver security solutions they could truly take pride in. This meant that they needed a fully configurable email security solution that they could set up and manage according to their specific preferences and client requirements.

“We’re MSP geeks and want a product that can be setup just right.”

As Transcend Networks recognised the importance of a multi-layered approach to email security, they also wanted an email archiving solution that would retain mail that Office 365 did not backup. They wanted to ensure that if their first line of defence was ever breached, they could deliver full email data restoration for their clients.

Key requirements for Transcend Networks:

The Solution

Transcend Networks implemented two solutions from TitanHQ’s security stack: SpamTitan and ArcTitan.

Transcend Networks use SpamTitan as their first layer of defence, to deter phishing attacks and prevent spam and malware from reaching their customers’ inboxes. Transcend Networks were drawn to this solution for a number of reasons. Firstly, SpamTitan’s private Cloud provided them with the capabilities to keep their customers’ mail onshore, satisfying client needs. SpamTitan uses two AWS instances, one primary and one secondary. While both were managed by TitanHQ, Transcend Networks felt confident that both were fully secure.

SpamTitan also allowed Transcend Networks to dive deeper into the technical portions of the solution, and configure and control it according to their requirements. For instance, Transcend Networks were able to download their customers’ raw mail logs, and redirect flagged spam directly into a user’s Outlook junk box. These ‘under the hood’ capabilities made SpamTitan a standout solution on the market.

“The configurability with SpamTitan is far superior to what we’ve seen.”

Transcend Networks implemented ArcTitan to archive both their customer’s email data, and their own. As it integrated seamlessly with Office 365, Transcend Networks could use ArcTitan to simplify email archiving and ensure essential data retention. It also provided them and their customers with a method to track mail themselves.

The Results

Transcend Networks are now equipped with a comprehensive, multi-layered email security solution from TitanHQ. As well as functioning as their first defence against pervasive email threats, SpamTitan has also satisfied their clients’ need to keep mail onshore, without the threat of ever being relayed overseas. Meanwhile, implementing ArcTitan allowed Transcend Networks to help one of their clients avoid legal difficulties, as they were able to access email data that would have been lost if they had solely relied on Microsoft 365 backup.

Transcend Networks value the TitanHQ email security stack as the solutions are reliable and deliver exactly what is promised, all for an affordable cost.

“As a small company, we expect the tools we use to “just work”. We don’t have time to babysit what should be a mature product. Spam Titan has satisfied that need for us.”


Years of MSP Partnership

SpamTitan has been protecting Transcend Networks and their clients since 2018.


Flexible & Scalable Licenses

Transcend Networks have a flexible license so they can scale their business up thanks to SpamTitan.


Double Anti-Virus Protection

Successfully reducing the risk of phishing emails, spear phishing and spoofing attacks for Transcend Networks’ clients.

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