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IT Specialists, OnSite, Find Email Security Success with SpamTitan
The word I would choose to describe TitanHQ’s support is ‘phenomenal’. Their support level has been nothing short of phenomenal.
John. A Zodrow
Information Technology Service Delivery Manager
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The Challenge

Trouble began to arise for OnSite when their old email security solution and filtering system was acquired by a larger company and subsequently underwent significant changes. As a result, the features that their technicians relied upon and valued were lost and they felt that the spam filter was far less effective. Most concerningly, the new controls were too complicated and technical for the majority of their client base to understand, making usage ineffective.

As OnSite pride themselves on providing a high-quality end user experience and empowering their customers to protect themselves where appropriate, they began looking for a more user-friendly email security solution that would not compromise the defences they wanted to offer.

"We like to empower our customers as much as possible.”

Key requirements for OnSite:

The Solution

OnSite deployed SpamTitan across their internal stack in January 2022, before beginning to implement it for customers in February. Their initial set up was completed in less than ten minutes, with their mail flow fully changed from their legacy solution to SpamTitan. They found that the portal flowed extremely well and was easy to navigate from the offset.

Implementing SpamTitan for their customers was just as simple. OnSite changed their email flow within mere minutes and as the interface was so user-friendly, they could explain the SpamTitan portal to each end user extremely efficiently.

SpamTitan suited OnSite’s specific requirements as the customer controls, both within the small agent in Outlook and on the web, were extremely simple, enabling their customers to manage their spam themselves. However, this did not come at the expense of premium protections. The OnSite technicians benefitted from new security features, including virtual sandboxing and link redirection, which helped them implement the proactive and preventive approach to email security that they were looking for.

OnSite has found particular value in the multi-layered protection that SpamTitan offers. Link Lock, SpamTitan’s link redirection feature, has protected their customers from malicious attachments without ever slowing down or affecting their experience. Additionally, the spam filtration system enables OnSite technicians to set controls at the company level or user level, allowing them to fine tune specific policies for the individual based on their unique security requirements. This helps to ensure that each of their clients is as robustly protected as they need to be, helping OnSite maintain their high quality of service.

The Results

OnSite now has nearly 700 mailboxes on SpamTitan and has found that their customers are much safer from email security threats as a result. They reported that in the last year, SpamTitan has blocked at least 40 viruses from reaching their customers’ inboxes. They value the fact that SpamTitan is an unintrusive yet effective security tool for their customers; it kills viruses and alerts OnSite technicians without their clients ever knowing.

"SpamTitan allows our customers to proceed with their day and not really know we’re behind them checking everything because it doesn’t slow them down. They don’t even notice."

OnSite has found SpamTitan to be a stable and robust email security solution. Since implementation, they have been able to rely on SpamTitan to work effectively in the background and if any issues do occur, TitanHQ is always on hand to offer support and quickly find a resolution.

“It just runs and does its job and doesn’t need any attention...It’s one less thing to babysit.”


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